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Pakistan Army to Purchase 20 SuperCobra Gunship Helicopters from US

By Amin Ahmed

The Pakistan Army is likely to seek US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) to acquire 20 SuperCobra helicopters to reinforce its fleet of ageing Cobra attack helicopters, which are being extensively used in operations against terrorists in tribal regions.

According to the Pakistan Assistance Strategy Report published by the US State Department, the army envisions acquiring the SuperCobra helicopters. The helicopters alone, it said, would cost at least $500 million and the total acquisition would cost up to $1 billion.

The report says that SuperCobra attack helicopters will not be available for foreign customers till 2015. Equipping the army with such helicopters earlier than 2015 will require either increased production or their diversion from the US Marine Corps.

The report says that Pakistan is likely to maintain its current force of Cobra helicopters, supplemented by armed Bell 412 aircraft. Pakistan currently has 32 Cobra attack helicopters. The sustainability of the current fleet of the helicopters is difficult but possible through commercial channels.

However, the US government is currently spending $75 million from the Pakistan Counter-insurgency Funds to update a portion of the existing Cobra fleet. Pakistan army has received two squadrons of Cobras since 1983, later upgraded with the ‘C-NITE thermal imaging’ package.



dear asian defense,
can u please tell how reliable are your sources????? and why is the govt going after super cobras not AH64D longbows???
thank u

Hi, I do not think the US would sell Pakistan the Apache. Moreover, why would Pakistan want such an expensive machine, when it can get something cheaper from Turkey or China, and not have to live under the threat of sanctions. I think this might be an interim buy to support current operations. I hope they get them soon and use them to blast the Taleban.

anonymous no2:
i believe if it were the sanctions that we were to be worried about then i must say ,,,,, we shuld not had gone with the option of super cobra as well!!!!!!!
secondly correct me if iam wrong i believe under us military aid america only sells cobras not apaches!!!!!

Can super cobra be equipped with hellfire????

I think this would only offer Jardari (Mr. 10%) and his fellas more heavier pockets with Dollars. There is no good reason to buy copters from USA other than this.

Just see this:

India and other foes of Pakistan do not need arms anything to destroy Pakistan. Pakistan is plummeting by itself.

Hi Pakistanis. Do more Jihads and vote Jardari for another term. You would be so wealthy and developed that you can't imagine.


"Anonymous said...

Can super cobra be equipped with hellfire????

December 31, 2009 1:19 AM"

If Pakistan buys this thing, she herself would be in 'Hellfire'.

Pakistan had hoped to acquire the AH-64 Apache, but no funds are available for the purchase and USA seemed unwilling for the sale. Additional AH-1F Cobras takes close to 24 to 36 months to refurbish a stored AH-1 S/F and make it fully combat-operational so this option and are difficult to maintain operational so this option is also not viable .

France Preps Arms Package for Pakistan
"The U.S. has indicated that they are willing and able to release close to 14 AH-1W Super Cobras immediately, but first Pakistan Army pilots and technicians would need to be trained. Therefore, the Pakistan Army would be looking at another 10 to 12 months before it wears Pakistani colors,"

As reported in this blog earlier USA was offering AH-1W 'Super Cobra' from USMC stocks. But the problem with that is it will take good 12-14 months to train the pilots and ground to make these gunships operational.

Pakistan Army envisions acquiring 20 AH-1Z Cobras. The total cost of the acquisition will be at least $500 million for the helicopters alone, with a total acquisition cost up to $1 billion.
Pakistan Assistance Strategy Report (PASR) of 2009

Pakistan will likely maintain its current force of 29 AH-1F Cobra helicopters, supplemented by armed Bell 412 aircraft, until 2015 when the AH-1Z Cobra attack helicopter is expected to be available for export customers. Equipping the Pakistan Army with the AH-1Z any earlier than 2015 would require either increased production or diverting AH-1Zs from the USMC. Pakistan Army Aviation Command will continue to make incremental improvements in training and maintenance, partly by means of U.S. Government assistance through FMF, Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund, and other security assistance.

i think instead of buying these expensive cobras from america its better for pakistan to build or at least assemble their own fither helicopterrs with the help of china and france as they are doing in the case of JF17 Thunder fighter jets,Augasta Submarines and F22 warships and Al Khalid Tanks to get selfreliance and to avoid unnecessary threat of sanctions from america.

pakistan will be sold american drones now in AFGHANISTAN, YEA



December 31, 2009 3:37 AM
If Pakistan buys this thing, she herself would be in 'Hellfire'.
sorry couldnt understand ur statement!!!! please enlighten!!!

anonymous December 31, 2009 3:28 AM
dude please make comments which are fruitful!!!!! because they type of comments u post represents u and sorry to say ur comment is showing that u r @#$#%$#!!!!!

"Anonymous said...

Can super cobra be equipped with hellfire????

December 31, 2009 1:19 AM"

If Pakistan buys this thing, she herself would be in 'Hellfire'.

December 31, 2009 3:37 AM

dude answer the question dont give ur opinion!!!!!!

asian defense,
can u please clarify how different is ah1f is from AH1z

The AH-1S Modernized Cobra was redesignated as AH-1F Modernized Cobra.Armament consists of the three-barrel M197 20mm automatic gun mounted on the M97A4 armament subsystem. AH-1F was equipped to fire eight TOW (Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Command-Link Guided) anti-tank missiles, and the Hydra 70 2.75 inch rocket system.

Two AH-1Ps were converted to AH-1F prototypes. 99 new-build AH-1Fs were built for the US Army and 50 were built for the US Army National Guard (ANG) from 1979 through 1986, which were the last new-build single-engine Cobras manufactured for the US. In 1986, the US Army had 1,100 Cobras in their inventory. 378 AH-1Gs were also converted to AH-1F specification from 1979 through 1982, including 41 dual-control TAH-1F trainers.

A four bladed version of the AH-1W was designated the AH-1Z. The addition of the extra blades dramatically improves the performance envelope of the AH-1W. AH-1W Super Cobra is operational with the US Marine Corps, Turkish Land Forces and the armed forces of Taiwan.

First flight of the AH-1Z took place in December 2000. First production AH-1Z helicopter was delivered to the USMC in January 2007. Full-rate production decision is expected in 2009. Initial operating capability is scheduled for July 2011.

AH-1Z can be armed with: 16 Hellfire missiles, six AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, 70mm rocket pods (7- and 19-shot), and a 20mm gun.

Longbow International (a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman) is developing the Cobra Radar System for the AH-1Z, based on the Longbow millimetre wave radar on the AH-64D Apache. Cobra is a pod-based radar that can be mounted on a wingtip or in a stores position. Cobra can automatically search, detect, classify and prioritise multiple moving and stationary targets. It has a range of 8km against moving and 4km against stationary targets.

Resources on AH-1 if someone wants to know more

Second-Generation Cobras


Most older Cobra variants still in operation have been upgraded to the AH-1F standard. Also produced in Romania and Japan under license from Bell Textron in the U.S.

■AH-1E Enhanced Cobra was identical to the Upgunned AH-1S (ECAS), the M65 TOW/Cobra missile system with the M97A3 armament subsystem. The AH-1E could use the M130 flare and chaff dispenser. The AH-1E could be identified by the tapered tips on the fiberglass main rotor blades. The AH-1E is a set of AH-1S aircraft upgraded with the Enhanced Cobra Armament System incorporating the universal turret, 20-mm gun, automatic compensation for off-axis gun firing, and weapon management system.

■AH-1F Modernized Cobra. The AH-1F Modernized Cobra is identical to the AH-1S Modernized Cobra, the M65 TOW/Cobra missile system and the M147 Rocket Management System with the M97A4 armament subsystem. The AH-1F also uses the M130 flare and chaff dispenser. Some AH-1F Cobras have received the C-NITE upgrade, which allows the gunner to designate and acquire targets during night or adverse operating conditions. The AH-1F can be identified by the air data sensor mounted above the right side of the canopy.

■AH-1G. Initial production model in 1966

■AH-1P Production Cobra was identical to the new Production AH-1S, the M65 TOW/Cobra missile system with the M28A3 armament subsystem. The AH-1P could use the M130 flare and chaff dispenser. The AH-1P could be identified by the flat panel canopy. AH-1P is a set of AH-1S aircraft fitted with composite rotors, flat plate glass cockpits, and NVG capabilities.

■AH-1S. Upgraded 1960s produced aircraft in late 1980s to the standard TOW carrying version.

AH-1T Sea Cobra

The AH-1T was fully capable of performing its attack mission in all weather conditions. Additional missions included direct air support, antitank, armed escort, and air to air combat. The TOW missile targeting system uses a telescopic sight unit (traverse 110º, elevation 60º/+30º), a laser augmented tracking capability, thermal sights and a FLIR to allow for acquisition, launch, and tracking of all types of TOW missiles in all weather conditions.

The Cobra also uses a digital ballistic computer, a HUD, Doppler nav, and a low speed air data sensor on the starboard side for firing, and has in-flight boresighting. External stores are mounted on underwing external stores points.

Each wing has two hardpoints for a total of four stations. A representative mix when targeting armor formations would be eight TOW missiles, two 2.75-in rocket pods, and 750x 20-mm rounds. The gun must be centered before firing underwing stores. The armored cockpit was designed to withstand small arms fire, and composite blades and tailboom are able withstand damage from 23-mm cannon hits.

AH-1W Super Cobra

AH-1Z Viper

Bell AH-1Z

AH-1W/AH-1Z Super Cobra Attack Helicopter

AH-1Z King Cobra


The Title should say,

Pakistan army to Begg for 20 SuperCObra Gunship Helicopters from US.

Beggars are Buyers, They are Beggars



The Title should say,

Pakistan army to Begg for 20 SuperCobra Gunship Helicopters from US.


The Title should say,

Pakistan army to Begg for 20 SuperCobra Gunship Helicopters from US.


The Title should say,

Pakistan army to Begg for 20 SuperCObra Gunship Helicopters from US.

December 31, 2009 6:52 PM
u can clearly identify by the statements that its an indian!!!!!
jealous because u cant even get a attack helicopter!!!! america refused to give cobras to u!!!! and ah64 retreated from the competition!!!!!!
dont worry dude and dont be jealous because the world understands pakistan fighting for the world and helping us is a small thing they can do!!!!!
dont be jealous if no one gives u military aide!!!!!!

respected asian defense,
can u please tell me can a super cobra be compared with a simple apache???? i know long bow is more advanced but compared to simple cobra and why is the US marine using cobras instead of apaches????

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