Thursday, December 31, 2009

Indian Army Hunts for CornerShot Weapon

Having learnt lessons from the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, the Army has launched a global hunt for suitable weapon systems `for shooting around the corner' for its troops involved in counter-terrorism operations. These `cornershot' rifles and pistols, with detachable high-resolution video cameras and monitors mounted on them, will help Army special forces like the Para-SF units to effectively tackle terrorists in urban warfare scenarios.

"Such close-quarter combat weapons will help our commandos to observe and engage targets from behind a corner -- for instance, while storming a building or a room -- without exposing themselves to direct fire from terrorists,'' said an officer. "American, Israeli and a few other forces already use such weapons... The front parts of their barrels, mounted with video cameras, can swivel 60 to 70 degree on either side to scan and direct fire around corners,'' he added.

Floating the Request for Information (RFI), the Army's weapons and equipment directorate wants armament companies to submit their proposals by January 30. This comes soon after elite counter-terror force National Security Guards launched the process to acquire cornershot weapons as well as wall surveillance radars to monitor what is the situation inside a room without actually entering it.

"Such new-generation equipment is very effective in neutralising terrorists in situations like 26/11, where commandos had to clear the five-star hotels in room-to-room flushing out operations,'' said the officer. The Army's RFI specifies the cornershot weapons must be able to `engage targets effectively beyond 200 metres' and have day/night vision capability.

While the exact number of the weapons to be acquired is yet to be finalised, officers said transfer of technology to manufacture them indigenously was being sought since "a large quantity'' was required. "The weapon systems should also have image downloading and transmission capability so that the enemy can be located and information shared with other troops to enable the commandos to take the best positions to engage the targets,'' said an officer.


Why hunt here and there for?

Check this out:

And this:

Just import it from Pakistan.

i dont understand why this is sense of hatred amongst indians and pakistani,, cant you people just not write something useful instead of cutting each other out.

im surprised indian army aint got these weapons no wonder they kept on playin hide and seek with the terrorists for such an awful long time :D

Because of this weopon pakistan army got success against talaban in swat, indian army must have this if we want to figt millitents effectively.

y does every indian/pak news need to be compared with pak or india..

Indians have been importing Pakistan made wepons like the MP series Mechine Pistols Mp5 A2-5

They also have P.O.F
...P.S.G 1
an excellent precesion Sniper Rifle one of the most expensive Sniper Rifles being offered .

They may be offered The P.O.F Eye a corner shot wepon far superior to its cuntempories.

Pakistan Ordinence Factory produces these wepons for major European/German firms after fulfilling the needs of Pakistan Army and our friendly nabours.

You may be offered the P.O.F
it is a superb squad wepon and is used extensivly as a Heavy mechine gun .Pakistan Army stock is in around a 1 million of such mechine guns.This wepon was used by the Bosnian Muslim forces against the Serbs.the German Army is satisfied with P.O.F quality

shafqat said...
Indians have been importing Pakistan made wepons like the MP series Mechine Pistols Mp5 A2-5

They also have P.O.F
...P.S.G 1
an excellent precesion Sniper Rifle one of the most expensive Sniper Rifles being offered .

Any proof to backup your claim?

Pakistan has never exported
any ARMS to India..

..The wepons produced for the German Firm in question are but produced in Pakistan and exported back to the licensee (UNMARKED).

This is because of the quality of the product and the trust in Pakistan Arms Industry.

Pakistan exported USD 300 million in Arms and ammunition in 2008-9alone.

Well let’s say that POF exported weapons to German firms for resale, but still there is no proof that Indians have been importing “Pakistan made wepons” like the MP series Mechine Pistols Mp5 A2-5 from these firms

I mean to say that there is no proof that weapons sold to India were really Pakistan made weapons as claimed

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