Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pakistan's Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has been stopped from leaving for China

Federal Minister for Defence Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, whose name is on ECL, has been stopped from leaving the country for China here at Islamabad airport on Thursday. The Federal Minister, along with his delegation, was scheduled to leave the country on PIA’s flight no PK-852 for China on an official visit. He was intercepted by the FIA staff at the Islamabad airport just before getting on board the flight.

The Defence Minister, whose name was placed on ECL after SC verdict on NRO, was informed of this fact and that he was not allowed to leave the country. The Minister had an exchange of some hot words with the FIA staff when he was stopped, the sources said.

However, the Defence Minister talking to Geo News said he did not leave for the airport because he was informed by the Secretary Interior of having his name on ECL. He said, “It is a shame for the nation that the Defence Minister has been stopped from leaving on an official visit.”

The News


...Mr Ahmed Mukhtar The Defence Minister Of Pakistan was bared from boarding a flight as his name is on the exit control list after the over turning of the black law (N.R.O)by the full bench of Supreame Court Of Pakistan which gave immunity to thugs and crooks mostly belonging to the party of Mr Altaf Hussain (M.Q.M) & Pakistan Peoples Party (P.P.P)
the librels of Pakistan.

This deal was brokered by United States & Britian/ Mr Pervaiz Musharaf( Military dictator of Pakistan)& Peoples Party led by Mrs Benaizr Bhatto assasinated on 27Dec-2007 in Rawalpindi widely anticipated as an hit by Black Water Pakistan & then pined on BaitUllah Mahsood the foot soldier working for American Intrest in Pakistan.
Mr Ahmed Mukhtar is thought to be member of the inner trioka of Mr Asif Zardari President of Pakistan.

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