Thursday, December 31, 2009

Insurgency on Rise in Bajaur, Mohmand after Allied Forces Removed Security Posts

Military spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas has said that militants have been flushed out of South Waziristan while their hideouts have also been destroyed. In an exclusive interview with Geo correspondent Asim Ali Rana on Thursday, Maj Abbas said the militants are on the run. He rebuffed report about the presence of Quetta Shura, terming it baseless.

He said insurgency has started again in Mohmand and Bajaur Agenc after allied forces removed their security posts along border areas in Afghanistan.Security forces have killed some 650 militants in operation in South Waziristan tribal region in three months, he said.

The military spokesman said that remaining few terrorists were carrying out terrorist activities in the country. “We will overcome them soon,” said Abbas. To a question, he said that Pakistan had not accepted any foreign pressure or help for the launch of military offensive in Malakand region and South Waziristan.

Major General Abbas said that the terrorists could enter tribal areas because of the operation of allied forces along Afghan border. This move, he said, would increase pressure on Pakistan Army. In this regard, Pakistan has conveyed its concerns to the US military leadership. He said security forces have defeated militants in Malakand and South Waziristan due to professional strategy and public support.



i seriously think pakistan should invest some heavy money for security posts on afghan border, now its a long border but thats the only way out, stop afghanis from illegally entering and that should reduce this terrorism within country by more that 60%.. while take out the local terrorist militia, because afghanistan is the only support they have and i guess its quite clear that these so called terrorists are not really pakistani they are being sent into pak from SOME WHERE and with someone's permission..

they are not muslims but simply

killers with a different batch

Solution is very simple. Hit back to the perpetrators across the Afghan border who are busy instigating and funding terror in Pakistan. It should not be hard for Pakistan to do that because of the huge ISI assets in Afghanistan. Such an effective response, I think, is yet waiting for a political green light. But when it comes to the security of Pakistanis, no political consideration should be allowed to block a proper response.

Above all unless Jardari (Mr 10%) and all his fellas step down, Pakistan is in grave trouble.
That dollar-hungry inferno is slowly eating up Pakistan. I think he devoured all aids Pakistan took from China. And, Pakistani people are so stupid and uneducated that, they voted a clown to be their President. This man is doing business by selling his wife. And, the boy of him is a characterless fraud.


This asindefence kept comments against Pakistan and removed anti-Indian comments.

This asindefence must be a Hindu.

Attention everybody!

India only fears Pakistan. This fear can not go away as long as Pakistan exists.

India, being a third-world imperialist has only 5 questions in its head:
(1) Why a converted muslim, named 'Jinnah', formed the Muslim League?
(2) Why the undivided India in divided into SAARC?
(3) Why a country named Pakistan is sitting on its shoulders?
(4) Why the countries around India are not joining it?
(5) Why they are trying to progress?

Yea I have deleted some comments using offensive language about India

You forget to mentioned that I have also deleted many comments using offensive language about Pakistan at the same time

So ……… What name for the blog you suggest now

Ohh and you also have suggest something about my beliefs

This is a blog about defense related news and discussions not for some guys (both Indians and Pakistanis) to start a childish flame war

Come on guys you got many Pakistani and Indian defense forums to do that

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