Thursday, December 17, 2009

India likely to supply 50 phased out Ajeya T-72 tanks to Nepal

 India, which has decided to resume military aid to Nepal, is likely to supply 50 phased-out tanks at discounted rates.India´s The Telegraph newspaper reported the deal, quoting an unnamed senior Defense Ministry official in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The report said Nepal has specifically asked whether it can acquire 50 tanks from the Indian Army at discounted rates. These are Ajeya T-72 tanks that are being replaced with the Bhishma T-90 in the armored regiments.

Besides the tanks, officer cadets from Nepal will get more seats in the Indian Military Academy and the recruitment of Nepalese Gorkhas in the Indian Army would be increased.The decisions followed talks, Nepal’s visiting army chief, General Chhatraman Singh Gurung, held with Indian security officials in the Indian capital.

On recruitment of more Nepali nationals to the Indian Army, the southern neighbor has proposed to raise an additional battalion that will increase the recruitment from Nepal from the current level of about 1,600 soldiers a year.There are seven Gorkha Rifles regiments in the Indian Army, each with five or six battalions of about 900 soldiers. Gorkhas from Nepal and India are recruited not only in these battalions but also in other regiments such as the special forces (parachute battalions), the newspaper said.

Nepal Army has also enquired whether India can raise the supply of military hardware to the level prevalent nine years back. In 2005, India scaled down its military aid, following the February 1 coup by the then king Gyanendra. But the actual reduction in military assistance had begun in 2001, with the Maoist insurgency intensifying in Nepal.

General Gurung, an alumnus of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehra Dun who attended the passing-out parade of officer cadets on Saturday, also held talks with the Indian Army’s director-general of military training. He said it was his wish to set up an institution like the IMA in Nepal.

At the academy, Gurung visited the room where he had stayed as a cadet. He also spent time in its archives searching for a photograph of himself with the late Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, whom he described as his hero.

Gurung was honored with the rank of General in the Indian Army by the President on Monday. He is slated to meet the external affairs minister, the foreign secretary and national security adviser on Wednesday.Gurung’s visit comes close on the heels of an India-Nepal defence cooperation committee meeting in Kathmandu last week.

The Indian Army, the paper said, looks at the demand of the Maoists for “integration” of their PLA troops in the Nepal Army ranks — under the country’s peace accord — with "suspicion".The delegations of the two armies have exchanged notes on security, with the Nepalese team of the view that the Maoists can present a military challenge yet again.


Nepal needs to be more prudent before getting any junk from India. The older tanks of Indian army are more of a liability than useful machines. Substandard design, poor craftsmanship, extremely poor maintenance, and faulty spares will prove to be a blood-sucking affair for Nepali military. Nepal should get modern new Chinese tanks even in slightly less numbers but one Chinese tank will easily do a job of two older Indian tanks and at much lower operational costs. Older Indian tanks are not worth even if offered to Nepal for free. The deal to get junk Indian tanks is a part of dragnet that is being prepared by Indians for Nepal. A king gave an elephant to a poor performer as a prize. The new owner who was hardly able to feed himself and his family could not afford to keep king’s gift. So, he let the animal go free. There was mayhem in the city due to the hungry elephant running around. The poor owner was put in jail and lost his freedom too. Nepal should not act as a poor performer for Indian sarkar.

..Well said..

Indians are still using T55 tanks which India have bought from Soviet Union on Freiend Ship prices more than 5 decades in late 60,ts.

They have asked SriLanka to return 2 off shore Petrol vessels because India could not digest Sri Lankan VICTORY over the (HINDU)L.T.T.E terror out fit.

India has sent a force to occupy Maldives in guise to protect them from thugs Made In India A (R.A.W)

Now India wants to base a Regment of T72 tanks in the Naplese Hart Land.

Indians cannot compeate with the P.R.C

China has resources and friends all around Indian its nabours are turning to China or Pakistan for help.

First, The Sri Lankan Gov. Last week just recognized, that the Victory over Tamil Tigers was only due to Indian help.

Second, Nepalis are Hindus, and by that logic alone, are brother of Indians.

Third, The Nepalis want what they want. They requested t-72's information.

If they requested info on the Arjun, i don't think they would be turned down.

Oh by the way, CHinese tanks are Junk. Only nations living off Welfare such as "Pakistan" are jumping to buy it.

get real, Russia Equip Vs Chinese Equip ?

Get outa here dog eater

Nepal and india have so much old relation much old than the existance of these country of now times even not have existed at that time...
its best option to have these tanks as indian army maintenance is very professional and time to time and they r worth to buy at very discounted rates :) GOOD decision Chinese will later eat up parts of Nepal also like they did with Pakistan in past and now just to eat up POK slow and steady...

and Pakistanis r so happy with that lolzzzz he he he dont be so intelligent like them he he :D

The relations between India and Nepal have never been smooth because Indian heavy handedness towards its smaller neighbor. Indians always wanted to influence and dictate Nepali policies. Nepalis, despite being Hindu by religion and having a smaller and weaker country than India, are self-respected people. They never liked Indian tries of dictates. Nepali people, however, have been battered by Indian blockades and other evil acts. That is why Nepal turned towards China for help. Now Indians want to have their active military presence in the disguise selling cheap used tanks to Nepal. These tanks will not only prove white elephants to Nepal but it will mark the start of a stranglehold around the necks of Nepali people. I don’t thinks Nepali government will opt for old Indian T-72 duds or even the monster Arjun, which even Indian army is reluctant to accept, because bridges in Nepali countryside will simply buckle under the heavy weight brand new duds.

Nepal does not need tanks. Where will the Nepalese Army take the monsters out for ajoy ride - the rice fields of the Terai? There's already a fuel shortage, add to that the already ever growing fuel problem. This is just another commission racket for Indian and Nepalese generals. And Indian will use the money to buy more 2nd hand material from other countries.

A main reason for fuel shortages is the blockade by the Indians. Nepal being a landlocked county mainly depends on Indian transit route for import of fuel supplies and other vital commodities. That is the right of Nepali people under the UN laws. But the Indians, as their nature is, have used that leverage for twisting arm and blackmailing successive Nepali governments. Then the Indians expect that Nepali people would prefer India over other friendly countries such as China and Pakistan.

Just to get a flavor of the bad state of relations between Nepal and India, read the following excerpts from Maoist supremo Pushpa Kamal Dahal .

Chairman of Nepal’s main opposition party Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ on Tuesday warned India not to interfere in the country’s internal affairs.
“India shouldn’t assume that it can form and dissolve governments in Nepal at will. We are a sovereign nation and no one should try and interfere in our internal affairs,” said Prachanda.

“We want good relations with both India and China. India should play an important role in helping Nepal exploit its immense natural resources and there is a need to start a relationship based on equality,” he said.

“Where did the Indian Army chief get the right to comment on our internal issues?”

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