Wednesday, January 13, 2010


statements such as these sport an offensive mindset. theres nothing wrong with indian armed forces. an honest look at armed forces of countries around the globe tells a similar story. even usa is using many weapons 30 - 50 years old. its bombers, transport air craft, missiles, fighter jets (except the 5th generations), ships, submarines, tanks and much more is more than three decades old. russia, china and many other countries follow the same. these statements exhibit strong indian desire in keep acquiring weapons from around the globe by making unnecessarty hue n cry of obsolete systems. shameful

What AsianDefence is doing about the offensive comments of Jagannadha Venugopal?

Is the b 52 bomber which is also 45 to 50 years old and still used by the usaf an obsolete weapon?

Even while the Air Force works on new bombers scheduled for 2037 it intends to keep the B-52H in service until at least 2040, nearly 80 years after production ended. This is an unprecedented length of service for a military aircraft.[4][93] B-52s are periodically refurbished at the USAF maintenance depots such as Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.[94]

don't compare yourself with usa

let the indians buy new equipment !!! this will only create problem for them !!!! coz u also have to train ur people on thet and maintain logistics etc.... in the end it will automatically create problem from them.... and buy from america ,,, u ll understand when they will put sanctions on u!!!!

shameful comments by tushar, you're the second person (probably again an indian) to abuse.

to the ASIAN DEFENCE: kindly look into inethical comments by tushar. there can a healthy discussion without abusing too. everyone here is talking sane so i believe sanity should prevail. this is turning out to be another filthy forum just because of people like these. i believe on the homepage, a ticker should run warning abusers and people more interested in making this abuse-wars by getting low.

TO Asian Defence Moderators/Owner,

I know it is tough to control fighting hyper Indian and Pakistani idiots, but you should still give it a proper honest try.

It really looks awkward to read retard comments by overzealous kids every time.

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