Saturday, January 30, 2010

China Suspends Military Ties With USA

China halted planned military exchanges with the U.S. and said it will punish companies involved in a Pentagon plan to sell weapons worth $6.4 billion to Taiwan.Vice-Foreign Minister He Yafei said he had lodged a protest with Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to Beijing, over the U.S. Defense Department proposal to sell missiles, helicopters and ships to Taiwan.............Business Week


The content of the proposed sale:

* 114 Patriot missiles ($2.81bn)
* 60 Black Hawk helicopters ($3.1bn)
* Communication equipment ($340m)
* 2 Osprey mine-hunting ships ($105m)
* 12 Harpoon missiles ($37m)


The content is largely for defensive capability. Don't understand what Beijing is bitching about.

Well, how would Indians feel if China or any other countries sold weapons like that to the Kashmir separatists? it's called violating your sovereignty

@the comments - what is wrong with world? It has been only two weeks since certain countries got anything and they are already talking like as if they are new super power or something!

And back to the topic, why shouldn't US sell to Taiwan? It is a "few" billion dollar contract which cash strapped American economy desperately needs!

"Taiwan says to buy miltary helicopters from Europe"

Is China going to boycott Europe over the EADS EC225 SAR helicopter sale now?

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