Monday, January 25, 2010

India to Test Agni-III Ballistic Missile in February-March 2010

India might conduct another test of 3,500-km-range Agni-III ballistic missile in February-March. The first test of the Agni-III ballistic missile was conducted in July 2006 resulted in failure. But the following two tests, in April 2007 and May 2008, were successful. According to DRDO, Agni-III will be ready by 2012-2013.


Interesting claim that the last two tests were successful. Can some one post how far the missile flew in the last two tests? Indian test claims are doubtful at the best. Agni-II, claimed to have a range of 2500 KM, for example, never flew more than 1000 km in tests. Yet, this unproven system was inducted in Indian military.

George really does not know anything about testing. If you are testing 1000 kilometers in a steep trajectory (which is the standard procedure) you can ensure the actual range (2500 KM or whatever) in the trajectory that the missile will be actually fired to achieve the target range. 1st year dynamics - in a good high school it is 12th grade dynamics.


Thanks for the high school level information. But I asked if Agni II flew 2500km. I did not ask if it landed 2500km away. Any more ideas?

George, my boy..go, eat some thing and come back. You are barking all the time here and no one is caring. Go and have something before your friends come and join you.

It is a public forum...Mr Venugopal....if you have to convey the point kindly use parliamentary language and not derogatory words. I request bloggers to restrain themselves and maintain the decorum of discussion. Thank You....the Agni did not ever flew 2,500KM. The maximum range it has touched has been 1,500km

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