Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peru Confirms Purchase of MBT-2000/Al-Khalid Tanks

President Garcia told the press that he considers as “correct” the decision of the Army and the Ministry of Defense to purchase Chinese tanks, and stressed that such a decision "doesn't contradict our vocation against an arms race."He advanced that this acquisition is “almost a fact” and that the respective draft agreements with the Asian country have already been signed.

Garcia Perez added that thanks to his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao, "we got an important reduction, not in price, but in the first payment, and in the period of time in which they must be paid."The President explained that those tanks “are advanced technology,” and that this purchase is due to the fact that many of Peru's T-55 tanks need to be replaced.He also said that it would he “irresponsible and unpatriotic” to talk openly about the tank's technical specifications to the media, but that it might be discussed by the Defense Commission in Congress.

The MBT 2000 (Al-Khalid) is a modern tank jointly developed by China and Pakistan and is in service since 2001. It has a crew of three men and a 125 mm smoothbore gun.It measures 10 meters long, 3.5 wide and 2.4 tall and has a combat weight of 48 tons, slightly less than their Western counterparts. It has a top speed of 65 km and a range of 450 kilometers. The secondary armament consists of two machine guns, one 12.7 mm anti-aircraft with 500 cartridges and a 7.62 coaxial with 2,500 cartridges.


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These are coming from china

As far as Pakistani share in sale is concerned, I have no idea

Good news for Pakistan too. Being a prtner in the development of this formidable fighting machine, Pakistan has huge opportunity for offering services, spares, and upgradations to Peru. This sale is going to prove to be an important milestone for Pak defense industry.

the money should be spend on more engineering and human development in pakistan

K 8 project, now MBT 2000. Joint Chinese and Pakistan developments have born fruit. Where are all the critics of Chinese tank industry, now? More money and prestige to Norinco. JF 17 next?

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If I am not mistaken the tanks are a joint development project between Pakistan and China. Pakistan's Heavy Industries Taxila has done serious RND on the project, and many other Pakistani concerns have worked on it including but not limited to its software aspects. Ordinance used in it is also being produced by POF-Wah.

So it is going to benefit Pakistan.

dude can u clarify on the statement u just made because every other project,,, china and pakistan did..... both got the profit sharing like k8 to different countries,,,etc.....
iam not negating u,,,,, can u plz upload the the link from were u took the knowledge from thank u!!!

yes u r rite..... the best thing about this tank is its flexibility to weapon system and firing munitions!!!!! although most of the world tanks failed to operate effectively or if were effective,,,, they were costly to maintain and move.....

asian defense,
can u please,,, translate the interviews!!!! what are they saying.... anyone?????

According to an official statement recently appeared in the press, China and Pakistan have shared and common stakes in the projects like K8, Al-Khalid, and JF-17. That includes the exports of these systems to other countries. But I see more potential in this deal for Pakistan than mere the proceeds. If used wisely, this deal may prove to be a seed for a flourishing military relationship with Peru and other countries in that region. Being a designing partner, a manufacturer, and a long time user of this tank, Pakistan has plenty to offer to Peru. Maintenance, rehauling, and rebuilding of these tanks in future can, for example, be offered to Peru. Also, many other sub-systems, upgradations, and a variety of high quality and high tech Pakistani produced ammus can also be offered to Peru. Last, but not the least, Pakistan Army can offer training for the military officers of Peru Army for effective and strategic use of this modern fighting machine. Once a trusted military relationship takes its roots, it flourishes relatively fast. That is the real potential, I think, that Pakistan should be striving for in future.

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As far as i learnt Pakistan share is 40 prscent in investment of this project but only china is responsible for its international marketing and sales. But my point is that whatever money pakistan get from this prpject it should be spent on human development and to kill poverty and to imporve the tecnologhy especially they should invest in the designing and building of the engines of these tanks in the country so to create more jobs and selfsuffiancy in defence undustry.

Great news for Chines MBT 2000/Al khalid, i wish China will sell more of these to other third world countries.

BTW being an Indian, i would hope that one of the tank would be secretly bought by India from peru to check for its weakness.

@ sayareakd
buddy u dont need to say it out loud that we might check the tank out!!!!!
its already being done by both pakistan and india...... what do u expect that pakistan and india would like to go to war after reading(internet blogs) on Internet and rather doing back hand research on what they will be going against!!!!!
and coorect me if i am wrong the MBT 2000 and Al khalid are different in specs like engines thermal imaging etc..... alkhalid has been modified according to pakistani environment rather MBT2000 is different as it operational area is cooler and different from pakistani environment ....

asian defense,,,
this rafeal ray interview .... can u plz translate it!!!! not word to word but what is saying ????

It is worth mentioning here that Al-Khalid with Pakistan army is superior to MBT-2000 in two definite aspects; the powerpack and the autoloader system. The excellent mobility of Al-Khalid is attributed to 1200hp 6TD-2 Multi fuel Engine. MBT-2000 is equiped with Chinese power pack which is not as good as 6TD-2 power pack. Pakistan has upgraded autoloaders of complete fleet of its tanks. Previously it was RELAYS based Chinese system which has been replaced with a state of the art Solid State Autoloader developed by an elite electronics firm of Pakistan. This autoloader has been successfully tried to load ammunition at 45 KM/hr speed of the tank. Peru should opt for these up-gradations which Norinco can easily provide being a technology partner with Pakistan's Heavy Industries Taxila.

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