Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pakistan To Develop Indigenous Equivalent of “Preadator” UAV

Pakistan has made huge strides in the development of its UAVs–Mukhbir, Uqqab, Jasoos, Ubaabeel and others. Pakistani made UAVs: Uqaab & Jasoos. Up to now the technology was used purely for reconissance purposes, however since 2001, there is an empetus to emulate Predator and Reaper type of drones which has fire missiles and elimiante the targets without the effort of flyingfighter jets. Pakistan is very close on building its own “Predator” which will have the ability to carry and use missiles.

The Pakistani UAV Burraq is a Predator equivalent. Pakistani UAV firms are working closely with Italian, Chinese and Turkish firms–all of which work with Isreali technology, borrowed heavily from American products. The recent Turkish-israeli deal will help Turkey develop the next generation of Turkish drones. Pakistan’s indigenous UAVs: Uqaab, Jasoos, Mukhbar & Burraq ANKARA — Turkey and Israel appear to be on track to finalise a long delayed multi-million-dollar deal for the delivery of 10 drone aircraft for the Turkish air force, a Turkish official said Friday.

The project, launched in 2005, was under threat of cancellation amid delays and rising tensions between the two countries over Israel’s devastating offensive in the Gaza Strip last year.“Turkish experts are currently in Israel to test the drones,” the defence ministry official told AFP on condition of anonymity.Should the systems pass the tests, six aircraft will be brought to Turkey’s southeastern province of Batman, on the border with Iraq, for further tests, the official added.“If there are no problems, we will take the drones. We expect the delivery to take place in the first six months of this year,” he said.

The announcement came ahead of a visit by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak to Turkey on Sunday for talks on mending battered ties following the latest diplomatic row.On Wednesday Israel was forced to apologise after Ankara hreataned to withdraw its ambassador over Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon’s public dressing down of the envoy.

The drone project had been expected to be completed in the second half of 2009, but it was delayed by technical problems, forcing Turkey to give the two contractors — Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit — a deadline until early 2010 and threaten to cancel the tender.Last week, Defence Minister Vecdi Gönül said that negotations were under way on the compensation the Israeli companies would pay for the delay, but refused to give a figure.

Media reports have suggested that the compensation could be somewhere around 12 million dollars (8.2 million euros).The drone contract was part of an 185-million-dollar project that involved the manufacture of 10 aircraft, surveillance equipment and ground control stations, with Turkish firms providing sub-systems and services.

Under a 1996 military cooperation deal, Turkish-Israeli ties have flourished greatly until last year when the two countries fell out about Ankara’s almost daily criticism of the Jewish state over the Gaza war. Turkey, Israel on track to close drone deal: official (AFP).

When the war on terror began, Pakistan requested predator drones for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) so that the Pakistanis could monitor the 2500 kilometer long Durand Line. The request was refused. Pakistan also requested helicopters, and asked the USA to launch a satellite for Pakistan. The requests fell on deaf ears. Pakistan also requested 80,000 M-16s or Klashnikovs for the Frontier Corps who are still using WW2 vintage rifles. The guns have still not arrived. However Pakistan was asked to “Do More.”

Pakistan as a Major Non-Nato Ally (MNNA) and a founding member of SEATO and CENTO has not been given a single Predator or Reaper. Pakistan has an indigenous UAV capacity, but its drones cannot fire armaments. At present the laser guided technology helps it to identify targets and then relay that information to a helicopter gunship or a plane. Islamabad is in desperate need of UAV which can fire at the target. Need predicates development, and necessity is the mother of invention. It is like being under sanction. Pakistan was under sanctions when it designed and built the JF-17 Thunder with the Chinese. Now the latest UAVis being built with Turkish and Chinese help. Pakistan’s latest UAV is called the Burraq named after a mythical flying horse.


which is exactly why JF-17 is in the process of being inducted, is on schedule and budget vs the Lost Cause Aircraft

I agree with you it is proved from history that sanctioned on Pakistan never worked, they always have succeeded to make or assemble whatever they wanted whether it was nukes, Gauri/Shaheen missiles, Alkhalid tanks, Agosta submarines, JF17 fighter jets, F22-p frigates, Baber Cruise missiles and I am sure whether us give them drones or not they will get them and assemble or make them in the country i agree with you because one thing is sure that their is not shortage of local scientists as we all know there are 12000 scientists working in NASCOM and KRL, the main research labs of Pakistan.

>>Pakistan is day dreaming to fire
>>from uav you need gps system
>>which us will not provide

Day dreaming is reserved only for Indians. With every Pakistani success in getting the latest home-grown weapon systems, Indians are close to getting Alzheimer's. only ignorant don’t know that many other positioning systems are functional in these times. One does not have to rely on American GPS system.

Another jerk, Tushar, made home-made figures of only 10% Chinese tanks having night fighting capability. These idiots switch over to denial mode whenever a news about Pakistani or Chinese achievements comes in. BTW no one cares what these silly gobhi-eaters think about others.

Jagannadha Venugopal - Your post seems contradictary. On one hand you call JF-17 JF Bandar and on the other hand you talk about India and Pakistan working together. Which is it?
I have nothing against India or Indians and would be more than happy if they both at least lived in peace. What I have a problem is with some idiots talking filth about Pakistan and about wiping it off the map. If it were that easy believe me it would have happened a long time ago. Pakistan may be smaller in size than India but it certainly packs a punch that would make India think twice about attacking it.
I dont believe in war or warmongering and am just on this forum to learn and exchange ideas from like minded individuals, Indians included...

Specs on paper hardly count! And the word I think you were looking for was 'potent' which if the 'Lost Cause Aircraft' is remains to be seen!
I don't have a problem with Indians at all. I just have a problem with the mentality that Pakistan is inferior and just waiting to be destroyed by India.
I am all for peace and an intelligent discussion, just not open to seeing unwarranted criticism of Pakistan.
Yes we have the potential of making South Asia into a very powerful bloc but that relationship should be based on respect and on equal terms.

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