Friday, January 15, 2010

India and France Exchanged Instruments of Ratification of Agreement on Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Ashok Tuteja

India and France today exchanged the instruments of ratification of the agreement on civil nuclear energy cooperation, bringing into force the historic deal that will give French nuclear companies a head start over other nations in participating in India’s nuclear energy programme. Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao and French Ambassador to India Jerome Bonnafont exchanged the documents to give effect to the accord that was signed in Paris on September 30, 2008, during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to France.

“As responsible states with advanced nuclear technologies, France and India intend to develop a multiform civil nuclear cooperation covering a wide range of activities, including nuclear power projects, R&D, nuclear safety, education and training,” the External Affairs Ministry and the French Embassy here said.The two countries were hopeful that the entry into force of the agreement would give a new impetus to the Indo-French partnership and would contribute to further strengthening the deep ties of friendship and long-standing cooperation between the two countries.

Days after India secured a waiver from the Nuclear Suppliers Group on September 6, 2008, after 34 years of nuclear isolation, France became the first country to ink a civil nuclear accord with India.The French Parliament unanimously approved the accord in November last year, paving the way for participation of French companies in India’s nuclear energy sector.

France-based nuclear conglomerate Areva has been allocated the nuclear project site at Jaitapur, in Maharashtra, to construct two nuclear power plants initially. Each of the two power plants to be built in Jaitapur will have a capacity of 1,600 MW. India has signed civil nuclear pacts with seven countries - the US, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Argentina and Mongolia. A nuclear pact with Canada has also been finalised, which is expected to be signed later this year. Similarly, a nuclear accord with Britain is also in the pipeline.


One question that arises from this deal is if it can help Indians boost their capacity to produce nuclear bombs. While no one really cares if France, or any other country for that matter, produces and sells electricity to India, such a deal must not facilitate transfer of nuclear weapons material or technology to India. There should be a foolproof mechanism to ensure that Indians do not cheat (as is their nature) and steal uranium that is sent to India for producing electricity. Similarly, the spent fuel should be taken back from India. If it is left in India, the Indians would try to reprocess it for extracting plutonium to make more nuclear bombs. The world community has to make sure that it does not sell nuclear bombs to Indians in the garb of selling electricity. The world community must not forgot that Indians have turned rouge in 1974 and 1998 when they used Western supplied material and technology (i.e. plants and their spent fuel) to explode nuclear crude devices.

First read the document, if you have access to it.This is for energy generation only.

Your attitude seems to be it is okay for others to have N arms (US, Russia, UK, France, China & Israel) but deny legitimate security concerns of India.

The NPT is one such discriminatory treaty. That is why India has rejected the same and developed it's own nuclear technology for peaceful purposes mainly.

i can not understand why india giving money to western coountries to buy uranium why cant they dig out and enrich uranium from their own land like pakistan can do that from its khushab and mianwali mines. I believe india must have such mountains and mines as well, as both indian and pakistani terrain are same.

because India does not have enough uranium mine to generate adequate amount of electricity for its growing we import uranium from other country.
only thing is that when whole world(major nuclear power nation) want to trade with India Why particularly one country does not like it

Politics need to pay French help to clean bum because they pay bribes thus wasting govt money.

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To Mr.Tushar and Mr.Anand, please do not use the holy names of prophet and the holy book of islam because there are sacret to 160 million muslims of india more than anything so please you call them whatever you want, we dont care but please leave the reliogen alone from the political or defencse talks.
I would also like to remind you that there are 2 billion muslims in the world and there are more muslims in india then in pakistan so please dont hurt their feeling by absusing islam in order to abuse pakistna call them whatever you want, islam got nothing to do with fanatics and hired millitants.

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