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80 Percent of India's Battle Tanks were Night Blind : Indian Army Chief

Admitting that about 80 per cent of India's battle tanks were 'night blind', Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has said that the process to provide night vision capabilities to the tanks for warfare after dark was in progress."Yes, you are right. One of the major area of my concerns is to remove the night blindness of the tanks so that we are able to effectively fight in the night as we are able to do in the day," Kapoor told media persons in New Delhi on Thursday.

"There are projects already in the pipeline for ensuring the kind of night vision capability that some of our adversaries have. It takes at least three to four years and some of the projects are likely to fructify in the next year or so," he added.Pakistan reportedly has a fleet of tanks of which 80 per cent have night vision devices and China's whole tank fleet has the capability.

On the delays in the artillery modernisation, Kapoor said it was also a matter of concern, as the army wanted better guns."Keeping that in mind, the trials for the towed guns are scheduled in February," he said.Referring to the ban on a Singapore-based company owing to its name figuring in a CBI probe against former Ordnance Factory Board Chief Sudipto Ghosh, Kapoor said the Defence Ministry had recently decided to allow the trails, pending a decision on awarding of the contract till the case in the court was over.

Kapoor said the army was looking at procuring additional guns from other countries through the foreign military sales route."It does not matter under what route the guns come by, but it is important for a professional army to ensure that it has the requisite equipment to meet the requirements of the nation," he added.Kapoor also said there was a need for modernising the army's air defence arm and that it needed tremendous amount of push, which had been done."Both air defence guns and missiles are in the pipeline and some of them will fructify soon," he added.


So, 80% of Indian tanks are blind at night (in other words, sitting ducks) even after tens of billions of dollars spent by India in last decade or so for importing military hardware. On the other hand 80% Pakistani tanks have night fighting capability while China has its 100% tank fleet capable of fighting in dark. Still Indian army chief bluffed that India is readying to fight a war simultaneously with the two countries. Why Indians claim big while they (and the world) know their real worth? Lack of that capability is in fact just one problem. Indian tanks are suffering from many other plagues. Poor maintenance has rendered many tanks useless crap that is more of a burden.

Indians always fall low whenever someone writes critical to India. They behave like fascist fools and start abusing the person who posted his comments. That fascist behavior is obviously not acceptable to the rest. These silly Indians need to understand that every one has a right to pass a comment that may be good, bad, wrong, or right. It is just one’s personal opinion. To take the comments as a justification for ugly and cheep personal attacks is a nature of Hindus. They should remember that we are not living in suffocating India where Hindus can suppress minorities. We are living in a free world. They need to grow up and shed their fascist mentality.

Correction: 80 Percent of India's Battle Tanks ARE Night Blind : Indian Army Chief

they are working on it, but that's the case at this moment.

It is unbelieveable there are reports that india is one of the biggest spenders on army budgets then where all that money goes, forget about night visions, indian arm chief admitting that they dont have modern guns. It seems things are very complicated in there especially red tap and corruption.

"80 Percent of India's Battle Tanks are Night Blind : Indian Army Chief"

An Indian army chief at his very best.
The less said the better.Mr, Kapoor just'hush' the Indian war-mongers beautifully.Indian army need Hundred years if not thousand to go in War with any country otherwise the reamaining 'incredible India' would also be lost.


we don't need to bluff any body.we will have minimum defense prepareness
we will have it even any one like it or not.thing about army chief comment is we are in the process of procurement.20 percentage meant 1000 tank are already for night fighting.And goal is to have 100% battle ready by 2020

Pakistans tanks have night fighting capability?

Maybe a few Alkhalids and T80's have that capability, but the majority of Pakistans tanks at T-55's, which are comparable to Goats covered in tinfoil.

Maybe 10% if at most of Pakistans tanks have night fighting Capability.

China has 100% night capibility?

This must be a joke, since Chinas T-55 are a little better than Pakistans, but they don't have night vision.

China has very few New Gen Tanks maybe it is up to 500 tanks of the t99, but not more.

Only 10% of Chinas Battle Tanks have Night vision.

but the fact of the matter remains, India would rape Pakistan regardless of Tanks or Planes.

We just need to send 20,000 Gurkha soldiers, and 20,000 Rajputs to dismantle all of Pakistan. No tanks or fighter planes needed. We proved it in 1971 when 200,000 Paki POW were rotting to death in Indian Jails.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Truth always hurts and I can feel for poor Indian midnight jackals who came out to defend their bewildered Army chief without logic as he is the one who knows his army and weapons better than a povert-sicken coommon Indian. They have to listen his call. Lets again see what he says:

"80 Percent of India's Battle Tanks are Night Blind : Indian Army Chief"

His statement is as big as his 14-inch tv mouth.

No denial ,timely accepted retreat.

To Mr.Tushar and Mr.Anand, please do not use the holy names of prophet and the holy book of Islam because there are sacred to 160 million Muslims of India more than anything so please you call them whatever you want, we don’t care but please leave the religion alone from the political or defence talks.
I would also like to remind you that there are 2 billion Muslims in the world and there are more Muslims in India then in Pakistan so please don’t hurt their feeling by abusing Islam in order to abuse Pakistan call them whatever you want, Islam got nothing to do with fanatics and hired militants.
I believe you would not like if someone abuse you by abusing your holy book "Geeta" and your Baghwans "RAM", so please leave religious figures alone and remain on the topics if you could please.

Yea their Army Chief is a liar according to Indian nationists, wheres the money gone fanboys, spent on Russian Hookers? Them T 90s came with Hookers. Just got a massively upgraded T 72 and hookers lol

T 80s were offered to China, luckly we went with more advanced Type99, which would decimate T 90s. The T 90 does not have a 360 perescope.

first about t55 and t59 .. i ope u have read about al zarrar !!!!!
thats modification of t55 and t59!!!
and 71 war
plz get ur knowledge right if ur ghrkahs and rajputs had been in that quantity u couldnt even had touched us !!! the ratio was i unit of pak army against 1 brigade!!!!

to asian defence: please keep up with your responsibility of keeping people and their posts in check. deleting such posts will only make them behave. this guy tushar is spilling filth by making personal and religious attacks. reign him. because this shouldn't become another youtube thread.

to tushar: mind your tongue, learn to talk; learn to talk ethically and on moral values. don't just keep representing yourself as a hindu hater out of his minds. you got some grudge against pakistan or muslims, take it out at other places not here. this is not such a forum to accommodate spillovers like yourself. you are provoking people here with your hateful talk. understand that or just take off from here.

Indian army chief’s recent revelations (well, only for Indian, others already knew all that) about certain deficiencies in Indian capabilities are not just pointless outbursts of a desperate army chief. These have a pointed audience with certain purpose. Silly Indians leaders of ruling Congress party, filthy sadhus of BJP, and many ignorant bigots in Indian media have been busy in war mongering against Pakistan and lately against China. These dummies have been boasting wildly under inflated national ego and firing salvoes of cheap tirades against India’s neighbors. Acting as a paper tiger is normally fine but after that rouge behavior crosses a certain limit, others start reacting to respond. When China and Pakistan started responding with certain strategic steps, some active hostilities started looking not so unexpected. With a rotten state as of the Indian military’s, no army chief would prefer a war. Indian army chief’s statement is actually directed for those silly war mongering Indians. Ambitious strategic goals and wrong Indian policies pursued by India so far have brought India to a point where the only less embracing option is a silent retreat. It is an attempt for putting a leash to those Indian leaders and media who want to continue with jingoistic policies. Indian military could not take a nominal beat before running back from next door Sri Lanka. That was the case when all the other strategic players in the region were much less capable. Many Indians now expect of their military playing an active role in far regions like Afghanistan and Central Asia. Most of the countries in the region now well aware the negative role that rouge Indians have been playing in Afghanistan in the past. No one is now ready to share any strategic goals with India. Russia has already jinxed Indians. Iran has been backstabbed by Indians several times. Apart from voting against Iran on nuclear issue and trying to sabotage the IPI project (only to oblige Israel and America), India’s dirty partnership with Israel for their dirty game in Afghanistan and Balochistan (on both sides of Pak-Iran border) proved more than enough to open the eyes of Iranian leadership. Tajikistan has already shown the door to the Indian personnel running a terror base in that country. The evil alliance that once supported Northern Alliance to foment and continue a civil war in Afghanistan has effectively been knocked out. If the three countries (Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan) now act in unison (with support from China, Russia, and CARs), evil Indian game in Afghanistan and Central Asia will practically be over. India such a case will be cut down to the size.

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