Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sri Lanka Under Pressure over War Crimes

by Amal Jayasinghe

Sri Lanka was under new pressure Friday to submit to a war crimes investigation after the United Nations authenticated a video allegedly showing prisoners being executed by troops last year.The government in Colombo has faced repeated calls for a probe from Western countries and rights groups ever since it launched a final offensive to crush Tamil Tiger separatist rebels in the country's northeast in early 2009.

The assault brought an end to a 37-year-old ethnic conflict that had claimed 100,000 lives since 1972, but hurt the reputation of the country abroad amid criticism of the conduct and tactics of government forces.The UN estimates that 7,000 civilians perished during the first four months of last year, though this figure is disputed by the government.

On Thursday, UN human rights envoy Philip Alston concluded that video footage said to be of Sri Lankan troops executing unarmed Tamil Tiger rebels last year was authentic and urged Colombo to accept a war crimes probe.Reacting on Friday, Sri Lankan Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe again dismissed the video as a fraud and accused Alston of leading a personal crusade against the country.

"Philip Alston is on a crusade of his own to force an international (war crimes) inquiry against Sri Lanka," Samarasinghe told AFP. "We object to the procedure he followed. He should have shared his information with us first."He added: "As far as we are concerned, the video is not genuine and it has been doctored."

Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama questioned the timing of Alston's statement three weeks before Sri Lanka's presidential elections.Bogollagama said the remarks led to "apprehensions" that he was pursuing a campaign against Sri Lankan authorities with the "deliberate timing to coincide with the current sensitive phase of national elections".

He said Sri Lanka would resist any move against it at the world body.Sri Lanka has always dismissed calls to probe its rights record, arguing that there are no grounds for an investigation given that there were no civilian casualties or extrajudicial killings.In May last year, Colombo managed to stave off a resolution condemning it at the UN Human Rights Council thanks to the backing of China.

But new charges emerged last month when the former army chief, Sarath Fonseka, alleged that troops had been ordered by a top defence official to execute surrendering rebels, a charge the government vehemently denies.The government accused Fonseka, who is challenging President Mahinda Rajapakse in the January 26 vote, of "betraying" the country and making the statement for political gain.

Three Tiger political wing leaders who were arranging their surrender with UN assistance were shot dead on May 17, according to official reports. The government maintained that they were killed by the guerrillas themselves.Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, through his spokesman Martin Nesirky in New York, that "a full and impartial investigation into allegations of human rights is critical if we are to confront impunity" and bring justice.

Nesirky said Ban informed Colombo that he was considering appointing a commission of experts "to advise him further and to assist the government in taking measures to address possible violations of human rights and international humanitarian law".The execution footage that has sparked the latest war of words between Colombo and the UN was shot during the final stages of the army's battle against the Tigers, according to the group that distributed it.

It shows a man dressed in army uniform shooting a naked, bound and blindfolded man in the back of the head, while the bodies of eight others can be seen nearby in a muddy field.It was not clear if the dead were Tiger rebels or civilians. A 10th man was also shot in the same way towards the end of the video while men in the background gloat over the killings.Alston said the authenticity of the video was established by three US-based independent, qualified experts he had commissioned to conduct an impartial evaluation after four Sri Lankan specialists concluded it was a fake.



After looking at these gruesome photos, one thinks what was the reason behind all that killings and bloodshed in Sri Lanka. While the persons responsible of these killings should be brought to justice, the real culprits of all that mayhem must not be overlooked either. India, in fact, is responsible for the civil war and all the resulting bloodshed in Sri Lanka. Indian RAW created, trained, armed, and financed the terrorists of LTTE. In fact, Indians are the inventers of suicide attacks that were effectively used by Indian trained terrorists of LTTE to kill many political and military leaders of Sri Lanka. Indians wanted to create mayhem in Sri Lanka (just like they did in many other neighboring countries) with an aim of either breaking Sri Lanka as a country or at least to bring Sri Lankan government on its knees only to follow Indian dictates. The use of terrorism as an official tool to further country’s foreign policy objective was, of course, introduced in this region only by the Indians. As a matter of fact, terrorism as a national policy tool has consistently been used by successive Indian governments alike – run by Hindu extremist terrorist BJP and exploitive/deceptive Indian National Congress. Just recently, after getting exposed to the world in its dirty game and double speak, the Indian government abandoned the LTTE terrorists and left them for getting butchered by the Sri Lanka security forces. That backstabbing of Sri Lankan Tamils by India has left both the Indian and Sri Lankan Tamils in a deep shock and long comma. How the Tamils will get their revenge from India for the serious treachery – first exploiting and dragging Tamils to the path of terrorism and then ditching them at the critical moments only to be smashed by Sri Lankan forces – will be interesting to see during the coming years.

I was mistakenly hoping for a logical response from Indians. Indian role in creating, training, and financing the terrorist LTTE in Sri Lanka is very well-documented in books even written by Indian authors. Only a shameless bigot will deny the facts. I expected that you would offer a few words of consolation for the poor Tamils who were deceived, trapped, and exploited by the Indian government for fomenting civil war in Sri Lanka. Indulging in personal attack and putting your mouth in shit is not the right way of discussion.

George Islam, You are forgetting the entity which can rectify your claims made in your pathetic statements.

Indians creating terrorism?

Last I heard, the LTTE killed the Indian PM, and thus the security forces waged war and exiled the LTTE out of India.

Last I heard from the International community such as the recent KGB officials, American Officals, British Officials, and freshly printed news of the Bangladeshi government all agreeing that Pakistan is currently support the ULFA Movement in India, while the Pakis also serve and protect their strategic investements such as the Afghan Taliban and LET.

How can you say that Indians created terrorism? Theres not a single peice of Evidence in your soo called well documented evidences !

Only a Joker as yourself, who was educated at a local Madrassa would find Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi as Proof. HaHaHaHaHa

Now tell me George, Don't you think the Tamils in Sri Lanka went there because their State in India in utterly poor, and Sri Lanka was a better opportunity?

Does your little peewee Inbred brain know, that the Indians and the Nepalis have just recently made the biggest bust in Nepal of Paki ISI Agents funding insurgency movements into India?

The funny thing is, If India wanted to creat instability for its Neighbours,

the Indians would easily tell the Dalai Lama to hype up the Tibetan Exiles and Local Tibetans while the Indians provided them with Arms.

the Indians would start funding Tajiks, Baloch and National Afghans to start blowing the bits of Pakistans military infrastructure. Its not hard for a country like India, whith a large economy, 400$ Billion and change in its Forex Reserves, and Munitions capability of producing 2 Million Assualt rifles yearly.

If India was to fructify your retarded Islamic propaganda, the whole reigion would be brought to its neez in front of India.

Thats the leavrage the Indians employ over their neighbours.

The Uighars in Chinas just need some finding from Tajik states from where the movement will gain momemtum.

But the Indias resist your delusions, only generated through your Islamic Imams. Hahaha

Dear George

You Cant Blam on ANy country without any evidence. LTTE killed India's Prime Misnister. Than hw can india can train LTTE?

And ANy way In ur First comment u Indicated 'In some Neighbouring country' Taht means ur dirct indicatio to pakistan.

Dear, Pakistan funding teerisom in India by using US Dollars . Not India spreading terrisom in India.

And Indian Political leaders have a common sence not Like pakistani leaders.

One main Pakistani leader says "we will Fight kashmir for next 1000 year to India".

This indicates who is responsible for terrisom in whole world.

tushar.... u should also see the history,,,, u blaming everything on pakistan wow..... check the history who started and supported muktibahini...... india is the biggest threat to stability to the region..... lets see the facts India has fought wars with every neighbor or has tried to destabilize it!!!!! u have fought a war with pakistan , china, standoff with bangladesh, supported mukti bahini, tamil tigers etc.... india believes in one policy that its neighbors are its bittest enemies and the neighbors of its enemy are its closest friends!!!! check pakistan enemy creating realtions with iran and afghnistan... china rival ,,,, friendship with russia .... bangladesh is already surrounded by india!!!!!
and as far as civil casulties are concerned,,,,, collateral damage always occur in unconventional warware...... so give srilankans a space!!!!
cheers for srilankans now they can prvide a better future to its citizens

@ tushar
the Indians would start funding Tajiks, Baloch and National Afghans to start blowing the bits of Pakistans military infrastructure. Its not hard for a country like India, whith a large economy, 400$ Billion and change in its Forex Reserves, and Munitions capability of producing 2 Million Assualt rifles yearly.
so what is india doing rite now they are supporting them.....

your PM was killed by a tamil it does means he was an indian.....
and tushar..... that 400$ billon reserves wont help u.....

LTTE turned on their creators and killed Rajiv Gandhi only after understanding the sinister Indian game. Creation of LTTE by Indian RAW was a part of multifaceted strategy. On one side, it was aimed to quell rising Tamil separatist movement that was fast taking root and getting ever stronger in Tamil Nadu. On the other side, it ignited a civil war in Sri Lanka, which sent an SOS to Delhi soon after. Indian forces that were subsequently sent to SL started killing the fighters of their own monster child, the LTTE. Tamils then learnt that India exploited and used them to its own strategic benefit. It is worth mentioning that the after the fighters of LTTE hit crap out of the Indian occupation forces back, coward Indians could not take the beat and preferred to run back. Indian support to LTTE, however, continued even after that until India finally abandoned Tamils only to be butchered by Sri Lankan forces. Tamils are now simmering at Indian betray but currently licking their wounds. How they will respond to dirty Indian game that wiped a large number of Tamil youth is to be seen.

Indian still continues using terrorism as a policy even now. Indians are active in Afghanistan to fuel civil war in that country under the aegis of occupation forces. Using Afghanistan as a base, they are fully engaged in training, equipping, and financing terrorism in Pakistan especially in FATA and Balochistan. But, just like Indian game in Sri Lanka saw a total failure, the result will be no different in Afghanistan. Indians are playing a secondary but dirty role to help out their masters in Afghanistan. But they have no balls to send their troops into Afghanistan. Despite their absurd claims of being a regional power, Indians prefer only to fight while hiding and play the dirty game of terrorism. Their only adventure out of Indian territory was a meager mission for Indian forces to kill LTTE fighters in Sri Lanka. Despite the fact that Indians knew LTTE’s strong as well as weak points (because LTTE was their own child), Indian forces were booted out of Sri Lanka land by the ragtag LTTE force.

While boasting of $400B reserves, you conveniently forgot to mention hundreds of millions slumdogs and a dying population due to widespread poverty. Blood-sucking Indian government is busy spending these billions of dollars funding terrorism in the region and buying military systems from around the world. It’s not a matter of pride, I think. It should be a matter of shame for you Indians.

More and More Barking with no proof from our Christian American Imitating Pakistani national.

I will tell you again and again, that your Statements hold no refuge with me or anyone. You have not given a single bit of proof, yet i have provided you with doezens of sources you can clearly check.

Now the Terror Exporting hub of the entire world (Pakistan) is calling its Neighbour(India) a Terror exporter?

Where the logic in that. Shamefull Pakistanis like you, who are ashamed of their hated nationality, should really try and get a HighSchool Diploma, before debating on topic with the sources of your Inbred Scholars such as Zaid Hamid.

Kid, you need to learn proper English before bullshitting from your mouth. It is only filthy Indians who are shy of their nationality. I can identify an Indian in 20 dudes from different SE Asian countries by just looking at his coursed dirty face.
Try talking logically and reply the actual subject pointedly instead of eating shit all around. You may be over drinking your urine. Make sure it is not mixed with donkey's. Even though, I don't see a difference between you and four-legged animal.

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