Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pakistan Approaches Turkey for Armed drones

Finding the US not overly helpful on arming it with drones and drone technology, Pakistan has now made overtures to the Turkish army for technology and attack capability, which India is now monitoring closely. During his recent visit to Islamabad, US defence secretary Robert Gates promised the gift of 12 drones for surveillance. But the 12 RQ-7 Shadow drones cannot send in Reaper or Hellfire missiles which would make them truly lethal and would have provoked an immediate outcry from India. However, experts believe this is dangerous stuff anyway, and it will not take much for Pakistan to reverse engineer them or tailor them for needs other than spying on the Taliban, in other words, to target India.........Times of India


This would be a very positive step for pakistan to have these drones and to make them locaclly. It would really enhance its capacity to fight against militants.

I dont think they only have militants in mind...

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