Sunday, January 17, 2010

AL-55I engine test flight 2010

The flight tests of the light aviation engine AL-55I, which is manufactured by NPO Saturn under a contract with India, will take place in 2010, a source in the Russian defense industry told Interfax.“The improved version of the Al-55I engine will be dozens of kilos lighter than its predecessors and will have the same haulage and fuel characteristics,” the source said.A full cycle of the light AL-55I engine tests will not be needed, the source said.

Besides reducing the mass of the engine by using new materials, the engine will undergo construction changes, the source said.“Specifically, the changes will affect the engine software,” the source said.The AL-55I engine is created for the Indian light training one- engine plane HJT-36 Intermediate Jet Trainer (owned by the HAL corporation) and the heavier two-engine HJT-39 Twin Engine Combat Attack Trainer. The AL-55I has the main version with 1,760 kilo haulage for HJT-36 and increased haulage (2,200 kilos) for HJT-39.



Hope HAL completes these tests quickly and induct these combat trainers. IAF is badly in need of them.

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