Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gates Plans Push for Defense Technology Accords in India Visit

By Viola Gienger

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he’ll discuss moving forward on several agreements with the Indian government that would ease the South Asian nation’s path toward acquiring the latest defense technology.An accord to coordinate operations of communications equipment and ensure its security, and another that would allow cooperation on supply logistics are among the agreements Gates said he will pursue when he arrives in New Delhi tomorrow for a two-day visit. The defense chief, who will be making his first trip to India in almost two years, will meet with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and Defense Minister A.K. Antony.

“Not getting these agreements signed is an obstacle to Indian access to the very highest level of technology” that they are interested in, Gates told reporters as on his plane to New Delhi today. “So we will be pursuing those agreements.”The accords would follow another sealed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she visited India in July and won agreement on monitoring the use and any attempted resale of U.S. defense technology. That opened a door for $20 billion in defense and nuclear energy sales by meeting a requirement of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act of 1996.That so-called end-use monitoring agreement was “hugely important” to defense trade, Gates said. “Some of these other agreements would, I think, create even greater opportunities to expand that relationship.”

India is looking to build its defense industry by buying U.S. weapons, then learning how to make them at home to supply its own forces and, ultimately, to export supplies to other countries.

Foreign Investment

U.S. military weapons suppliers such as Chicago-based Boeing Co. and Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed Martin Corp. also are lobbying India to increase the level of foreign investment allowed in its defense industry to 49 percent from the current 26 percent.That would let the contractors have more control over joint ventures while giving them greater incentive to transfer proprietary technology and participate in joint production.

Gates is seeking to increase U.S. ties with India, the world’s largest democracy and fastest-growing economy after China. President Barack Obama has called India a “critical partner” on issues from climate change to combating terrorism.Joint military exercises with the U.S. have increased steadily since 2002. India also has pledged $1.3 billion for development in Afghanistan, and participates in a multinational anti-piracy operation off the Horn of Africa.

Gates in a speech in Singapore last May described India, along with China, Russia and Indonesia, as “new and re-emerging centers of power.” The U.S. expects India, with its army of 1.4 million and an Air Force that includes 900 combat aircraft, to be “a partner and net provider of security in the Indian Ocean and beyond,” Gates told an audience at an annual Asian security conference.India’s and Pakistan’s status as nuclear powers compound their political and military influence.

Pakistan’s National Command Authority cautioned in a Jan. 13 statement that India continues to “pursue an ambitious” program to build up its military, adding advanced weapons systems that may destabilize South Asia.


Whatever defense accords US will do with India will ultimately create concerns among China and Pakistan and will start a new race of weapons in the region and obviously big huge profit for the sellers and the economies of their respctive countries at the cost of poor Indians and Pakistanies.

Agreed, Christmas came early for the American defense companies. Too bad for the poor people in all of Asia

i agree with naeem/mike that western arms companies are making money at the cost of india/pakistan public,and it is in their interest that india-pakistan never be at peace. and utlimately usa sees india more as a market and pakistan as a strategic partner,and pakistan has been a thousand times more useful to usa than india has been or is to usa.pakistan was a member of seato when india was busy in so called non aligned(soviet)camp, usa have not forgotten that,so all tha talk of india-usa being natural partners are first class rubbish which gullible indian buy.

Very true Bruce.

Neither did Indians considered US a natural ally. They have money. They want few items and they went for shopping.

But considering the political strength US has, Countries have no other go. Do you think pakistan likes to be with US. No. Pakitan need money and alms from US. So they are with them. Neither did US feel the same. They want someone to guard the borders of afghan and they talk of strategic partner bravodo about pak. Its nothing but date rape. But in funniest sense, both are raping each other and as you said, Asia is crying.

I am among those who strongly believe that Asian Union on the lines of EU should be formed to strengthen us. After all when nations who are enemies for centuries can come together and form an alliance it is not that hard for Asians to do that.


" Basically India will rise fast and bring up cooperating nations with it to prosperity, but the Pakistanis definately will not be part of it " AND WITH IT MOST OF INDIAN POPULATION THAT IS LIVING BELOW THE LINE OF POVERTY ( AND WHICH IS IN INCREASE DAY BY DAY )

Bruce lee i just want to say that time is changing there is no soviet union now and if the earlier decade was historic moment for the 2 world's largest democracies USA nd India signing nuclear deal, defence deals and coming closer. I think end of this decade will bring them as the strongest allies and friends of the world not UK and US.........


You got me lost man!! What is it that you are trying to say?

Let me make it clear to you. Most of the Indians are not below poverty line. Most of the people living below the poverty line are in India. I believe you'll read the difference. With a population of over 1.2 billion and with the menace of communist backed rebels what else can you expect. You will be surprised to know that all the poor states are the ones in which communist terrorists are rampant.

Well you may contest me by saying that china also has over 1.4 billion population. But don't forget that its only in India people can count and complain on this number. You already know the reason why. I wish India also has communist like govt.

raj singh
what do u mean by poor india, india was one of the many economies that was not effected from global melt down . it is the fastest growing economy in the world after china get urs calculations right. there are 5 indians in the top 10 richest man in the world today check the forbes magazine. just dont bark baseless thinks the standard of living in india is much better than pakistan . whose economy is no near to india in any ways . they all live on the money provided by the americans fo fight against talibans. first get the figures right and then compare pakistan with india the poverty in china is much more than india but u people will just not know because u look at the living standards of shanghai and bejing go and check how people leave in rural areas of china. the ceo of many international companies are indians . we have the most advance space programm only after Usa and russia and this was well accepted by Nasa. silicon valley has 60 percent of proffessional from indians .so stop making any comments on india. we are the largest democracy in the world . and we have given the media the freedom that any other country has not given . not like china that has censorship barring on media and press so that they dont show the real face of china and the world only sees what they show. or media shows every thing. we are ruled by democratic government elected by people not like pakistan where military has ruled over more than half their independence period. name any field where pakistan stands in front of india neither economy, niether militarily . or cricket board is the richest of all even icc begs for mathches to be held in india unlike pakistan where know one is willing to play .

Dear friends,

we need stability in South Asia. India, China & Pakistan should become trade partners, after resolving the border issues. This will the biggest strength in these 3 nations. They will surely dominate the world, once these growing economies stop spending huge on Defence and instead focus on Trade development. Support PIC [Pakistan-India-China] trade alliance.

Sure there are nations who dont want this to happen.

Dear Mr. Bunty,

We agree with you on points:

1. India is Largest Democracy in the world.
2. India`s GDP is 12 th in the world [Source: Year 2008, IMF & WB].
3. India is one of the fastest growing economies.
4.Lots of Research institute around world, Lots of Major CEO`s and Software professional in silicon Valley are Indians.
5. There could be more of such points....

But there is another fact.
a. With such huge Population, India is ranked 143th [Source: IMF Year 2008] and 131st [Source: WB, Year 2008] with respect to per capita income.

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