Tuesday, July 13, 2010

USA Refused Israel Request for F-15 Silent Eagle

Diplomatic sources said Obama refused a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for Israeli access to a proposed stealth variant of the F-15E fighter-jet.A key request was for Obama to grant Israel access to Boeing's proposed F-15 stealth variant, called Silent Eagle and unveiled in 2009. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have expressed interest in the stealth design, but the Obama administration has ordered the closure of the F-15 production line as the Defense Department prepares for the introduction of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter."Israel wants the stealth F-15 as its next aircraft, but Washington wants Israel to buy the F-35 ahead of every other international partner," the source said.


Err.... i hope that this is not definitive.

There's a lot of things that F15E/F15SE can do that F35 cannot.

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