Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PAF gets first Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C from Sweden

Pakistan has acquired its first Airborne Warning and Control System (AEW&C) from Sweden today . The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has ordered Saab 2000 aircraft which will be fitted with the Erieye radar and associated systems, including 5 onboard operator consoles.The first of five aircraft was rolled out in April 2008.

"The aircraft landed at one of the PAF's main operating bases, marking the achievement of a major milestone in the overall modernisation plan of PAF," the spokesman said in a statement.

The aircraft, fully equipped for airborne early warning and control, can also be used for national security missions, border control, airborne command and control, disaster management coordination and for emergency air traffic control. The Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C will enhance the operational capabilities of Pakistans air force.

The country will receive three more Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) in 2010, Minister for Defence Production Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi said. Speaking at a news conference, he said one AWACS plane had reached the country and three more were expected next year.



Pakistan has recieved FIRST of its 04 SAAB 2000 Erieye Aesa AEW&C Aircraft from Sweden.

PAKISTAN has also ordered 04 kj-200 Y-8/An 12 based P&W Canadian engined aircraft of Chinese Origon and equiped with Chinese AESA redar

Pakistan after 30 years & facing repeated sanctions from America and the west has recieved this equipment

For PAF it is a milestone.India has a formiddible AWAC&E capability backed by Israil/Russia
having more capable systems.

Having said that I have full trust in P.A.F & the Chinese electronic industry .The inducton of KJ-200 will be a mile stone for both nations. KONGJIANG KJ-200 platform will be fully integrated in the Air defence command & control envoirnament of Pakistan

Inter oppratiable with Saab-2000 Eyre the Europian system in the very near future.

Beyond this PAF is and will be a formidible force to recon

Through reliable sources in PAF that this AWAC is signficantly inferior to the Indian AWACs and has some duplicate Chinese parts.


As per the Russians China bought the Su27 in early 1990,s AND in 2003 they had their coloned j11 copy of SU27 IN Production.

They performed this feat in 10 years.Russians are stunned on this feat.
To reverse engeneer a mobile fone by China is no small feat but to reverse Engeener Su27/33 nobody could think off.

As for the Chinese technology they are the only power in the world which is producing Electronics to the extent Europeans as well as Americans like IBM,DELL,MICROSOFT,HP all have their consumer appliances like Lap Tops and Mobile Fones Nokia,Metorolla, produced I will say whole of the Worlds consumer electronics are being produced in China.
If you want quality as the Americans,Europeans Japnese....

pay for it and the Chinese will diliver.

Aesa is a form of microwave Technology ( AESA) which the Chinese are Leaders their Companies have provided Multi Billion USD Microwave Tecnology through commercial deals to India and lot of Asian Countries as well as Pakistan.

If you take some expert advise. Pakistan will get a better deal from China and will get more capable system in the very near future.

China is providing state of Art Technology which is constantly being upgraded & Pakistan cannot afford a second rated systemy

You should have put these remarks after Pakistan had put this system to use....

While the acquiring of this aircraft is good news for the PAF and will undoubtedly be used against India, the main problem for the PAF will be the lack of operational depth against the IAF. The IAF will purchase, if it has not already, the KS-172 Novator missile from Russia or the Meteor from EADS. Both are active radar 200 km range missiles, and designed specifically for high value targets such as surveillance aircrafts and refuellers. Should the IAF task an entire Su-30MKI squadron in an Indo-Pak war to take out these aircrafts, how far within Pakistan will they be able to fly before being cornered ?? Pakistan's width at largest point is ~700 km, the MKI's operational range is ~3000 km, plus the ~200 km range of these missiles. As far as I can see, These will be knocked out of the sky in the first couple of hours of the war, if it ever happens, God forbid.

In the history only time AEW & C aircraft were destroyed was in first gulf war when the USAF destroyed on ground the Iraqi 'Adnan'.

I very much doubt if long-range BVRAAMs will be used to destroy airborne AEW &C platforms, since AEW & C platforms will have adequate self-protection systems. The only viable way of neutralising hostile AEW & C platforms is by either destroying them on ground, or effectively making their host air bases inoperable through sustained counter-air base air campaigns.

let’s be real IAF have not got any KS-172 Novator missile or the Meteor nor they have shown any plan to order KS-172 Novator.

only BR fan club have created this fantasy.

Lets wait and let IAF KS-172 Novator missile before assuming that all the PAF AEW&C will be shooted down with missile which IAF don’t have

Oooh I almost forgot meteor have a range of 100 km not 200km

KS-172 Novator missile is yet to be fielded by the Russian Air Force

so good luck to BR fans for their fantasy weapon

Russia have most of time problems while supplying weapons that are in service for years with Russia and just imagine the troubles Russia will have if they are asked to supply that have yet to complete development

Several test launches of the KS-172 have been made, but these rounds were not fitted with a guidance system. The firing of rounds fitted only with an autopilot and programmed to fly pre-planned manoeuvres is common in the early stages of air-to-air missile programmes.

The Russian air force did not adopt the KS-172.

For Mr Mishra..

I am not a warmonger ..but..

Looking at the scanarios the air war between India & Pakistan is a chess game.

I will be very happy if the Indians use SU27 as their work horse against Pakistan .People in Pakistan like its Radar signature.

Indians think Pakistan is small so we in Pakistan will be defending less air space than the Indian.

P.A.F will be opporating in a confined air space.
Aircraft, ground to air missiles and Ack Ack will be very effective against any intruder.

Large Air craft will be sucked in by our Ground Defence like your SU7and Our point defence air craft will be very effective against any intruders.

Past record shows Indians way of attack is pre-programmed just making one pass and it is all over.

In my humble opinion Indian intruders will be running for cover within the confined Air Defence of Pakistan laying low and quickly returning back to their airfields.

P.A.F will confront India head on.History says this airforce has faced the U.S.S.R without any fear.

As for the offensive punch P.A.F
will also try to deny Indians throug a stand off Missile punch.

At the lower end Pakistan will be using glide bombs like H2-H4 Made In Pakistan having rage 60-120 KMS respectivly.

Pakistan will be using these laser guided bombs on I.A.F forward airfields & command & control nodes & radars .

Then comes the Air Launched AlCM.. Raad..range 250 Kms this is a precesion wepon(PGM)..

Pakistan has option to use ..the cruse missile Babur having a range of 750-1000 Kms as accurate as the TOMAHAWK.

Once India you start
Pakistan will attack and will deny the ENEMY any sort of Advantage in Air Ground or Sea

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Through reliable sources in PAF that this AWAC is signficantly inferior to the Indian AWACs and has some duplicate Chinese parts.Mynet
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it is ridiculous to prove inferior or superior what does matter is the fullfillment of required need,and Erieye fullfills the demands of PAF typical indian mentality is sad.

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