Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thales and Plasan to partner on PMV-L bid for Australian Army

Two of the world's biggest defence companies, Israel's Plasan Sasa and Thales, are to partner on a bid to develop a new Light Protected Vehicle for the Australian Army as part of project Land 121, Phase 4.

Under the project, the Australian Department of Defence is to procure 1,300 PMV-L vehicles and trailers to replace the army's existing fleet of aging Landrovers. In addition, the programme will procure four PMV-L variants, Command, Liaison, Reconnaissance and Utility, designed to provide protection for troops from small arms fire, mines and Improvised Explosive Devices.

Delivery is expected to begin in 2013, with Ian Irving, Thales Australia's Land & Joint Systems Division Vice President, calling the Thales-Plasan partnership the best option to provide 'real Australian capability on the global stage', and to create a team 'well-equipped to take on local and international challengers'.

Irving said, 'Thales and Plasan are bringing the very best design and armour technologies to the project. Plasan's strengths, combined with our many years of experience with the successful Bushmaster program here in Australia, offer the Defence Materiel Organisation and the Australian Defence Force a strong team with unrivalled expertise. Plasan is adding considerable capability to the Australian project team in protection system design, rapid prototyping, and testing and evaluation for our next generation vehicle development for Australia's Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light (PMV-L) requirement.'

Noam Hen, Plasan VP International Sales and Marketing, drew on the success of the Bushmaster to illustrate Thales' ability to deliver 'effective solutions to the Australian Defence Force'. He said, 'we are looking forward to incorporating our technologies and expertise into their next generation vehicle'.


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