Sunday, December 6, 2009

DRDO to develop Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

The Defence Research and Development Organisation will be embarking on developing an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), a top official said. The UCAV will be produced as part of a plan to develop defence weapon systems.

"We will be embarking on UCAV, which will be an unmanned aerial vehicle with weapons. This will not only do surveillance but fire on identified targets," Dr V K Saraswat, Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister and DRDO Director General, told reporters here.

All controls of the unmanned vehicle will rest with the Command Control Centres (CCCs) which could be situated at geographically different locations. Even if one CCC becomes defunct, it can be controlled and directed from other CCCs. It will work in a layered manner, Saraswat said.

DRDO has also started work on high-altitude medium endurance UAV.



DRDO is a World class Expert in announcing big project's but is third rate in delivering them.and then after they fail they will team up with russians and then say it is indigenously developed.I say this inspite of being indian.DRDO is a tamasha organisation

no country in perfect, inspite of being indian you re putting our team down!

we have developed sam's like agni series - be proud to be indian
we will be surely making an ucav one day

DRDO is just trying to make due the best it can. The problem is that its attached to one of the most Byzantine, corrupt, inefficient, and poorly managed funding structures currently existing in the world today. South Korea and the Taiwan spend about the same percentage of GDP on military funding and both of them have developed a wide ranged of military equipment, including aircraft indigenously.

If its ISRO..its possible they r smart and rockets INDIA to a high in space related very proud of ISRO the formidable space organisation from a developed country.

pakistan is way ahead of india in this regard. the FALCO UAV developed jointly with italy is a prime example

inshallah the falco will be modified to carry weaponsb making it an UCAV

Lol..Falco UAV is of the best jokes...

please do not argue in this matter as i feel very much hurt looking at the very state pakistan is in today, drones r lively tested in pakistan only country with maxium test

@ Kandhaswamy Nachiyaar

Despite yourself being Indian you can't even differentiate between your most important weapon system's class.

The agni series are BALLISTIC MISSILES. Not SAM's.

@ Anonymous who posted at 10.04 am, December 6th

The Falco may not be as capable as the Predator or reaper, but it's provided Pakistan with an extremely capable good quality platform that was able to be fielded relatively quickly.

The development gave their engineers some experience so they could develop their own UAV's

And by"third generation" fighter I assume you're talking about the JF-17? If so then let me first clarify that it is actually 4th generation -- a fighter which is able to use active radar homing missiles can never be considered anything under 4th gen.

The Lakshya uav is a target drone, you can't really compare it to a proper uav.
The nishant is definitely a good system which India has developed on it's own, but Falco is superior because of it's flexibility (more range of sensors, able to use air fields to land), and has a far higher endurance of up to fourteen hours.

On the JF-17 remark, at least Pakistan is getting them in service.
Sure the JF-17 may not be the world's best fighter, but it provides a good peer for the LCA (of which it will be the primary enemy)in about half the development time.

The problem with India is that it needs to jointly develop weapon systems if it wants to be successful.
We can see them doing that with the MTA, PAK FA, and a number of less notable projects -- but India should have co developed weapon systems the moment western embargos were lifted instead of wanting to increase it's national prestige by developing it completely on their own.

every jealous hindu must know thatpakistan has very capable

scientists working in defense

field be it falco or jf-17

we are ahead of you in missile

technology, so laugh at yourself

i laugh at the very state the pakistan is in , its economy ios worst than bangaldesh but sorry i feel to cry i wont say muslim r jelous because india respectcts every relligon but pakastanis they dont need outside enemies the inner once will do the job

India will be getting technology from America VIA IsraiL for a Uav which is armed no doubt abot that.
Pakistan is getting not the same tecnology but a ucav with ccc,s .We do not feel proud about all this as it will be used in war.

Pakistan also has the tecnology to produce extreamily capable uav,s like the one,s Americans use.

Pakistan has Uav,s for target( IFF) artellery, border patrol and Stretegic theater petrol may be havin rage of a thousad km with a capability of remaining on station for more than 20 hrs.
Pak has the cloned smerch S-300..Chinese A-100 MBLRS rocket system naturally we will or are in pocession of Uav,s which can pinpoint position within 100/150 kms to target .

look to produce a Unmanned Combat areal Vehicle is not as difficult.
looking at the economies Pakistan is way behind

But if the Indians distribute their GDP say Usd 100 Billion .ALL YOU INDIANS GET IS 100 BUCKS EACH.
As for the insegencies in Pakistan you will see they are well stocket but wethout any idiological depth.

In India insegencies like Nexelite/moaist/Tamil are not bankrolled even to the extent but being indegnous in nature and very voilent will rock the Indian fedration I have left out Khalistan & Kashmir all have ther own Agenda.
This is why India/Israil/America are doing utmost to passifiy Pakistan,s nuclear asserts.



were every thing is done in a crooked way

you respect every religion in india

we know how sikhs are treated in

india so also muslims in gujrat state, how many sikhs you killed

and how many muslims in gujrat state, do not teach us your


please my dear indians do not compare or argue with pakistanis or regarding pakistan its at present a begging aid state its worst than bangaldesh u ncan see there president going with begging bowl for aid , pakistan as said by someone in usa they will sell anything for little money guess they have nothing left as they have given in for live drone tests

True, Pakis are beggars and theifs.

The Beggar Pakis stole Indian Vedic History through partitions, along with Indian Land, now these pakis suck on American Dick in return for a few measly weapons.

Even here in the U.S, these Pakis begg for Welfare checks, and run corner stores.

Filthy Poor Illiterate Beggar Pakis

Damn Muslims In Pakistan are forgetting, that their own people are being sold like rats to Americans for target Practice.

The Indians and Americans have basically destablized the interior or Porkistan soo bad, that these Pork Loving Inbreds, are near collaspe, with a Bankrupt Economy, empty forex reserves, Im suprised these Pakis even have Internet.


Soon Pakistan will be Pushtunistan and Balochistan.

Even the top CIA officials have said Paki Nukes are now in American control, from the stipulations from the AID deal.

Beggar Pakis will even sell their wives ( Sisters ) for American Dollar. BAhAHHH

dear indians our country is the best in the world i cannot see there is any country that can be compared to india , its the only country where all live in peace as one hindus muslims sikhs n christans ,come what may we r one do not get jelouse pakistains we have more muslims than u do n we r proud to say our president was a muslim n has a priminister who is a sikh too jai hind

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