Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grounded IAF Su-30MKI fighter jets fly again

Sukhoi fighter jet planes resumed flying on Monday after being grounded for a week following a crash involving one of the aircraft in the fleet in Jaisalmer on November 30. "The Sukhoi aircraft has started flying again and the first flight of the fighter jet, after being grounded for a week, took place this afternoon at Lohegaon airbase near Pune," said an officer of the Indian Air Force.

The Sukhoi took to the air after precautionary checks on the entire 100-aircraft fleet were completed and clearance granted for flying, said the officer, who did not wish to be named. "Now, one by one, all the Sukhois in the five operational squadrons will start flying from today," he said.

The aircraft crash in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan on November 30 was the second in the Sukhoi fleet. The first crash had taken place on April 30 this year. The two crashes have dented the IAF Sukhoi fleet's no-accident record since its inception in 1996. The IAF plans to have as many as 280 Sukhois in its fleet in the next few years.



IAF grounded su-30-MKI (MILK COW) fighter jets flew again after two crashes .

The history of Mig21 is being repeated all over again.

Pilots in I.A.F are under nourished & their Engeeners retarded

This is the Russian point of view

Ya, thats exactly why Pakistan has succumbed to sucking American Penis for weapons platforms which can be a threat to the IAF.

Great Job Pakistan. Drinking American Sperm was suggested in your Islamic Hadiths. Sahil Bukhari Vol 1 - Verse 234

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