Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How will China react to Surkhet Air Strip for Indian Air Force


How will China react to the fresh agreement made in between the Government of Nepal and India that allows the Southern neighbor, China’s arch rival, to construct an Air Base for the Indian Air Force in Surkhet?

The Jana Disha Daily, the Maoists’ Party mouth piece dated December 7, 2009, claims that in the consultative meeting held between the representatives of the Government of India and Nepal, December 4-7, 2009, Kathmandu, the Nepali side has provided a clear go-ahead signal to India to construct the Air-Strip for the Indian Air Force.

It was earlier reported that India has already built air-strips deep inside Bhutan and an air-strip in Surkhet of Nepal will serve the Indian security interests in a much more enhanced manner, say experts. As per the agreement the government of Nepal will have to allocate some ten hectares of lands in the area to construct the Air Strip.

It was reported that during the visit of Nepal’s Defense Minister Bidya Devi Bhandari to New Delhi in July 2009, Mrs. Bhandari had requested India to construct the Air-Strip for Nepal Army.

“The very idea of constructing an air belt in Surkhet is basically not a Nepali brain. Instead, it is the Indian mind to build an air strip right inside Nepal from where the Indian regime, should an imaginary war with China becomes a reality by 2012 as claimed by Bharat Burma, an Indian defense analyst, could pounce upon Tibet that adjoins the Nepalese border”, claim Nepal’s analysts.

Surkhet is close to the tri-junction, Kalapani, where China meets India in Nepali territory. Nepal’s defense analysts claim that the Indian Army can strike the heartland in Tibet as and when India and China go to war. How China reacts to this "benevolent" Nepal, gesture made in favor of India will have to be watched.


Hats off to indian foreign ministry / Defense . now Nepal & Bhutan is realized the evil face of dragon. China has the habit of capturing others land by saying some stories ..

...Chinse reaction to Surkhet Air strip..will be as follows
(Looking at the capability & track record of (P.R.C)

-1 China will increase massive aid to Nepal

Nepal being a developing nation China will help it in social uplift projects and Military Aid y to bring stabaility to the Republic

-2 This air field does not make any difference in over all military situation for China to react.

-3 As this situation is creation
of Indian foreign office with active participation of Research & intelligence wing of Indian external Intelligence ( RAW)

People on streets of Nepal think as infringment by the Indians on thier nutrality and soveranity of Nepal .

America/Bratian are using India for which India will have to...... pay .

Why India afraid to china India always having good relation with Nepal since independence. if they allow us to built a air strip what is the problem to china. chine's navy building a navel horbors in Burma,Butan,pakistan, and srilanka.
this deal betwen two sovereign countries. we need not worry brave steps by indian go ahead.

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