Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indian Air Force grounds 100 MiG-27s

After a fatal crash near Siliguri last week, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has grounded its fleet of nearly 100 Russian-origin MiG- 27 fighters on suspicions of a major engine snag. All five squadrons of the ground attack fighter, deployed primarily in the western and eastern sectors, have been confined to the ground since the February 16 crash in which a Squadron Leader was killed. Engine trouble is a known problem in the MiG-27 fleet with crashes in the past being attributed to defects in the R 29 engines of the aircraft. More worryingly, the initial probe has pointed to a major flaw in the engine that seems to have occurred during the overhauling of the aircraft by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The entire fleet had also completed an indigenous upgrade programme last year that was executed by HAL........................................Indianexpress


Probably the smartest thing to do at the moment.

@ taiser
no doubt,,,, but IAF also has to see!!! if mig27 grounded!!!! mig21 to be obsoleted in 2011( tentative date) MMRCA still a long shot from induction( due to training and development of ground crew and pilots and not to mention aircraft is still not selected)!!!!! a problem is present,,,,, if not dealt with in near future!!!! can cause a big problem!!!!! IAF is thinking of taking the squadron number in 40(47 to be exact) but aircrafts are being grounded and being retired!!!!! if this is the pace... without mig 21 fleet the airforce strength will be brought down to 27 SQD!!!!
and for MMRCA ,,, most analyst are saying EF will win but... due to time constraints it wont be good!!!! because they are a little slow on delivery!!!! and plus a twin engine( heavy maintenance and fuel heavy) for me i would say the best aircraft to replace MIG21 is gripen!!! low maintenance... can land any where!!!! and is agile etc...... and that can be delivered on time!!!!!!

why IAF opted for mg 27 ,dont know, when it had the superb Jaguar with it,which also was licence produced,IAF went and is going blindly after acquisitions rather than aircraft optimisation

Like its Mig 27, India is getting grounded in strategic terms. Abdelmalek Rigi has just been nabbed by Iranians. This person is head of an organization Jundalla that is fully supported by America, Israel, and India. A newspaper reported today that the guy met with Indian and American handlers just 24 hours before he was nabbed. India was engaged in a close cooperation with its partners (read USA and Israel) to train and equip Jundallah of Rigi. It is indeed a big loss for India & friends co. The situation is fast changing in central asia too against India. One wonders what is happening to domestic and foreign policies of Indian.

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