Friday, February 5, 2010

Russia Concerned at Romania Hosting U.S. missiles

Russia Friday said it was concerned by Romania's decision to host interceptor missiles as part of a U.S. plan to protect Europe and demanded clarification.Romania said Thursday its top defense body had approved the deployment, which Washington says is aimed at defending against current and emerging ballistic missile threats from Iran."We certainly have concerns in this regard. There is a demand for clarification," Russia's Foreign Ministry said.The Romanian deployment is part of a revamped U.S. missile defense approach taken by President Barack Obama after he scrapped a plan for a radar site and interceptor rockets in the Czech Republic and Poland...............Reuters


eastern europe is the new pawn in the game between usa-russia,just as afghanistan was during the fag end of the cold war.usa is using eastern europe for its own gains and the unwise eastern europeans are alienating the neighbour(russia) for the sake of a faraway country(usa)

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