Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Korea Releases RFP For UCAV

By Bradley Perrett

South Korea’s technologically ambitious defense ministry aims to test a scaled demonstrator for a stealthy combat drone by 2013, extending the country’s expertise in unmanned aircraft and hedging against cancellation of the KF-X fighter program.With this project, South Korea will be within 10 years of Britain and Germany in flying substantial development hardware for unmanned combat aircraft. South Korea may be ahead of Japan, which has announced no such development effort.Korea Aerospace Industries is well placed to win the project, since it has already embarked on company-funded work to acquire technology in this field, going as far as designing a full-scale aircraft it calls the K-UCAV and flying a 20% scale model of it.........................aviation week 


Interesting. Would South Korea be interested in nEUROn, arguably the most advanced VLO UCAV project outside the US.

Cool. is Turkey interested in this project . That wud be much cooler ..

Combat drone, cool.
Wonder what North Korea would have to say.

If UAV is to become (already has?) the next frontier in military aviation, ROK is investing its human and fiscal resources in the right place (in sharp contrast to many countries [aimlessly] chasing after the elusive '5G'/JSF design). If ROK were to commit to UAV/UCAV, wonder whom they would partner with to mitigate project risks.

A 2009 Asian Defence post revisit:

"Israeli manufacturer Innocon's line of UAVs"

Dude is this UAV a Korean or a Israeli Project.

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