Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Indian Defence Spending to Hit $50bn

India’s defence spending is set to hit $50 billion over the coming five years as it retires its Soviet products in favour of new military technologies, it emerged on February 14th – the day before the opening of DefExpo-India 2010. The Indian Air Force’s well-documented combat jet requirement for 126 new fighters is set to figure prominently within this spending, but the military is set to revitalize its helicopter and transport forces, too.The Indian Army, meanwhile, has requirements for new armored vehicles, rocket launchers and guns, while the Indian Navy is in need of new aircraft carriers, submarines and other vessels..................................ArmedForces-Int


my god! a needy country like india spending obscene amount on defence,when the money could be better used on its people,any country's REAL defence.its sad.

Its sad ain't it Bruce the taxes of the Indian people going into military expenditure when it can be used to make their lives a little better.

Did you know that the average Indian Man pays taxes of Rs.40,000.
Thats like $800.

With the 200million poverty strucken and ill-fed children of India being
ignored, and with recession making things worse.

There is so much pain and suffering in the country ignored from the eyes of the common Indian man.

I once visited India, and you can see 6 yr-olds begging on the street

that and the fact that half the Indian pop. is malnourished.

The world is quite cruel.

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Recession wat the hell recession we are growing at a rate of more than 9 % of GDP growth rate unlike u paki.....

But every thing else I wrote is correct right Rahul?

And I am not from Pakistan.

Taiser is correct.

India definatley is poor.

The corrupt gov't should invest more in there infrastructure.

50$ Billion in defence is nothing for a country like India.

The other 80$ yearly which is leaving out of the country into Tax Havens should be spent in the public.

But India is way better in Poverty Percentage terms than its rival pakistan.

The average Indian earns 500$ more than the average Paki, yet even after 30$ Billion on arms per year, India grows at 8% yearly, yet Pakistan in 2009-2014 will grow at 2% a year.

The difference is Indias economy is $1.4 Trillion growing at 8% yearly, while Pakistans economy is a rubbish 150$ billion growing at 2% a year.

Thats the reality.

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