Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pakistan Needs Its Own Nuclear Deal For Greater Pakistani Cooperation: WSJ


Pakistan terrifies the United States because it is a unique nexus of nuclear proliferation and Islamist militancy. But with success in Afghanistan elusive, Washington needs Islamabad more than ever, and vice versa. The two countries have never been able to achieve a durable relationship based on mutual trust. That could be fixed, however, if the U.S. were willing to consider a radical new approach: a policy centered on a conditions-based civilian nuclear deal.

Nuclear cooperation could deliver results where billions of dollars of American aid have failed. More so than conventional weapons or large sums of cash, a conditions-based civilian nuclear deal may be able to diminish Pakistani fears of U.S. intentions while allowing Washington to leverage these gains for greater Pakistani cooperation on nuclear proliferation and terrorism. This deal would confer acceptance to Islamabad's nuclear weapon program and reward it for the improvements in nuclear security that it has made since 2002. In the long shadow of A.Q. Khan and continued uncertainty about the status of his networks, it is easy to forget that Pakistan has established a Strategic Plans Division that has done much to improve safety of the country's nuclear assets......................................WSJ


Christine Fair represents the group of people who caused the world to be what it is to-day. From the 50s, India was the target to be restrained by teh west. So they armed and keeps arming Pakistan to the hilt in the hope that they will restrain India's rise. They created the frankinstein called Jihadi tofight Soviets in Afghanistan!! Result ? They aim to islamise the whole world.
They allowed Pukistan to have nukes (starting from Carter the peacenik) result? We may see a dirty bomb explode in US sooner or later.
The solution is NOT to arm and nurture Pukistan. But to destroy the den of anti-humans. Want to win in Afghanistan? Stop thinking of Pashtuns as invincible fighters. Read up the campaigns of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and General Hari Singh Nalwa. Snippet - do u know how the pashtum mothers calm children who are making too much noise? They tell the Children "Nalwa is coming" - Even now!!
Do you know why the Pashtuns wear Salwar Kamiz - a woman's dress? It is because Nalwa declared that Pashtum men do not exist and they should wear woman's clothes. Voila!! The brave pashtuns obeyed meekly and proudly. Do you know why Pashtuns are Muslim? It is because they surrendered firt off to the invading muslims and converted!! Why do you think 80% of India is Hindu despite 2 Centuries of Muslim domination and then christain domination? Because the Hindus REFUSED to give up their creed for fear or money. Who is braver? Think for yourself.
I feel pity for the likes of Christain Fair - a paid Pakistani lobbyist?? I do no know. But I know rhese people are shallow and their thinking is what has caused and is causing all the trouble in fak-ap region.
The best way to solve the fak-ap problem created by shallow thinkers in US is to encourage India to solve the problems and stop aiding pukistan.
Thank you
I know WSJ has an agenda. So dunno whether my reply would be posted!!

As opposed to India, Pakistan has an abundance of natural uranium deposits and a proven capability of enrichment. Indians may have hoped to have a hand on the spent fuel to get it reprocessed for extracting plutonium to boost their nuclear arsenal (even though I hope that should not be the case – world community must not effectively sell nuclear bomb-making material to India at electricity prices in the garb of civil nuclear cooperation). Why then Pakistan would be willing to accept the stringent conditions on her nuclear program and vast hidden strings associated with such a deal?

Well,in that case Pak can export the uranium to India... they will give them a better price... till we get our thorium reactors working efficiently enough... then that uranium won't remain much of a resource... see trade solves all problems doesnt it !

Dear Menon
You have a history that no body knows that before.
afganistan was free when british captured the whole india. and if u r brave enough so please accept my invitation and come to afganistan for a year.
please reply me

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