Tuesday, February 16, 2010

India to Deploy Akash Surface to Air Missiles to Deter China

India plans to progressively base six surface-to-air Akash missile squadrons in the North-East to Chinese fighters, helicopters and drones in the region. Sources say IAF will get eight Akash tactical air defence squadrons by 2015, with the first one becoming operational by 2011 itself, at a cost of over Rs 6,100 crore.  Moreover, the Army is now poised to order two Akash regiments, with six firing batteries each, for around Rs 4,000 crore. India is now raising two new specialised infantry mountain divisions and an artillery brigade for Arunachal Pradesh and basing of two Sukhoi-30MKI squadrons (36 fighters) each at Tezpur and Chabua in Assam.India is also looking to deploy the 3,500-km Agni-III and the under-development over 5,000-km Agni-V ballistic missiles as soon as possible....................................Times of India. 


I honestly don't understand why the Indians are so worried about China. From the title of the article, its as if the Indians are expectin the
Chinese to attack them.

They are obviously over-attentive to China, and are considering them the biggest threat to Indian Security.

Also with all those troop and military infrastructure build-ups, it is seriously not going to help lower tensions.

The Indian Press is also screwing things up real bad, saying to expect war between India and China in 2012!!! It was what I saw in the Indian news.

asian defense..
what type of weapon systems and force has china deployed on there side..... specs can clearify if india is really threatened or not!!!!!

Chill boys!! Its only the media who always want something hot to show, make up such articles. You need to take these reports with a pinch of salt. Not all what you see is correct.

To SJ,

The build-ups and massive Chinese air power are being stationed are causing tension, but China is smart to know that war with India will only result in horrendous outcomes, since both countries have enough nukes to carpet each other. This is something the Indian military fails to see.

To Jaganndha Venugopal,

Your attitude towards the PRESS is admirable. But still the Press SHOULD NOT screw the adds with stuff to make it sell.

Also I would like to add
IF China wanted to go to war with India and
IF either side didn't have nukes China would easily pulverize India.

I want to tell u Taiser that it was India that challenged China in 1986 making a massive build up on the border and chinese was shocked as they first satarted peace talks also at that time India didnt even had a Fighter jet to deliever Nukes to Chinese cities wat to talk about a Long range missile.

Also, India has to be operationally, strategically, tactically prepared for combat against pakistan every second as well as fighting terrorism, naxalism in our own country.

So, think of China when there is no Pakistan and then talk. India can make a hell out of anything it comes its way fighting any threat.
U didn't know anything about the capabilities of Indian military forces and their combat training, India may lag behind in some dimensions but is at par with China whether it is a cold start or a full scale nuclear war...........

Is it true that the bulk of IAF was Mig 21s (i.e. 793 were inducted of which 330 have crashed over time) and Mig 27 (over a 100) that rarely fly due to technical faults? How can then India compares with China in military power.

Really Rahul?

Are you just saying that because your an Indian from Panipat?

Let me ask you something, India is land locked by two nuclear wielding nations that love each other that hate India and can be slightly trigger-happy some times.

Not only that, but China has like what 16-18 aircraft carriers, modern military infrastructure and use weapons that are modern and not 80% outdated. Really what chance does India have if it didn't have any nukes?

And Pak the country that hates India the most. They have nukes and are starting to become as strong as India and believe it or not they have more nukes than India. I would also like to add they harass India time to time.

And the Indian Military calling themselves a world superpower when the have no nuclear submarines one or two aircraft carriers and whose pilots crash planes that millions of crores have been spent on when they could have uplifted the poverty- stricken in India. And the Indian people know that with more terrorists bombings goin on on like the "German Bakery" incident and "26/11" the protective capabilities of the Indian Army are quite slim.

Also Rahul in your aticle,

didnt even "had" a Fighter jet to deliever Nukes

Its "have" a fighter all right, and what were the Indians thinkin at the time, attackin China without jet planes?????

Its hard to think that the Indians are so intelligent.

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Oh yeah and by the way George, The Migs that crashed were from human error and poor maintenance, and these aren't the only things that crash in the Indian arsenal, Dhruvs, and sometimes Sukois are also part of the list.

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Are u out of ur freaking mind???Even "taller than mountains and wider than oceans"...the US doesn't have 16-18 aircraft carriers let alone China having this capability.In fact China doesn't have a single aircraft carrier.Stop showing that you are not only illiterate but arrogant also.Start using Google....and think thousand times before you vomit crap.

O my god, your right my bad, I apologise

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....china has 55 nuclear subs beat that shashi!!!

Beat that!!!Why would i ever beat that.We are not competing against China.Our effort is to maintain a minimum deterrence level against China.Stop arguing "My Dick is bigger than yours..".Tell me does it make a difference whether China has 55 or 55,000 nuclear submarines.Anyways what u can achieve through 55 nuclear submarines can also be achieved by 5 nuclear submarines.Prove me wrong.What's ur problem when India is trying to defend its borders??Why do u care for Indian people when they wish to spend their money on defence??Sure you are not our well wisher (take that for granted).Why India.....why don't u wake up for the cause of Pakistan which is doing worse than India.From a needle to a missile they beg for everything.Yeah..i very well know that we are lagging behind in many areas and we are trying to fight it but not at the cost of our self-respect.Stop ur sermons for us coz we better know what to do and what not.And please.....stop being hypocrite.


First of all: I was countering Rahul's statements before u barged in and tried to screw me.

Second of all: Yeah, you can make a difference with the no. of nuclear subs, pit 5 subs vs 55k subs.

Third of all: I can argue, I can challenge, I can oppose, and I can compare and contrast because Im a human being with constitutional rights. And you an Indian call your selves the biggest democracy.

And not only that this is Asian Defence, we the bloggers, the men and women, boys and girls thrive to make our voices heard throughout the world. We all have likes dislikes, we form our own social divisions, and we communicate. We interact with both truth and lies. Thats how the world is.

YOU and I have grudges against various peoples, and we use the internet to exclaim our views.

I give an oath to blog until I die on whatever I want, I'll be a hypocrite if I want, I'll act spoiled, and there is nothing you can do.

@ sashi....
whats up bringing pakistan in....
dude yes right now pakistan is economically weak..... but its also in a state of war!!!!!!
tell me one country which is in a state of war and growing economically!!!!!!!
till 2007 pakistan was the third fastest growing in gdp in south asia and it was in a state of war so.... there is no comparison!!!!!
wait till pakistan comes out of the war and starts economically!!!!! so its rubbish mentallity to bring pakistan in the blog!!!!!
and lastly yes it matters alot thet u should have more nuclear submarine,,,,, especially for the implementation of coldstart!!!!!
look at the indian peninsula and tell me how big is it and how much inventory u need to protect it because there are many ways to penetrate it,,,, if ajmal kasab can then anyone can!!!!!! and it was the navel chief who said it is difficult to find naval vessels in ocean!!!!!
and as u like bringing pakistan in so let me tell u pakistan is more then equipped to protect its coastal area beacause it small..... india needs to grow its inventory!!!!!!

Also Shashi your the biggest blogging
knucklehead to insult Pakistan without a piece of solid evidence.

Indians like you always seem to blame Pakistan for some things it didn't do.




i saw it on the freakin indian newspaper.

First of all my name is Shashi and not Sashi.Well i can't expect anything better from you.
1.I tried to screw you??It was you who started 16-18 aircraft carriers thing.Oh wait you do talk of evidence.Where are your evidences regarding carriers??And you calling me a knucklehead.The biggest idiot in the world would say such things.
2.@SJ...i m waiting for that day.
3.Like i said we do have problems and we are trying to solve it.It won't happen overnight.
4.Kasab penetrated our country.I am fully aware of that.What about US drones bombing your country every day and ur Govt supporting it.Hell what about 9/11??Even the world's most powerful country couldn't prevent this.
5.I've no personal grudge against anyone.But i do see that people start writing anything and everything when ever the they see the word INDIA.

I think Taiser usually drink alcohol and then he comes for blogging
16-18 Aircraft carriers and 55 nuclear submarines oh my GOD. Taiser ur in "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" or a MAD CRAP HA HA HA HA HA

If India is land locked by 2 nuclear states then China is surrounded by enemies like Japan, Taiwan, South korea, Russia, vietnam, INdia and USA( Military bases, nuclear submarines, Aircraft carriers & big penis to fuck short ass of China&pak)

Jst understand man China has to protect themselves from these enemies and the rising Super Power INDIA and Pakistan is pooorreer than India and will remain forever

The day is coming when all the nations will brutally damage all of China the biggest violater of human rights and will free Tibet(Buddhist state) , Xinjiang( muslim state) and Inner mongolia(once a part of mongolia)...........

Yeah, well guess what "Sashi"
you called me illiterate, so I called you a knuckle head to make us even, but there is NOOO point in arguing with an Indian.

Also, the aircraft carrier thing was my mistake, and I publicly apologized so u can forget it.

And about terror, O yes, for the Americans it happened deadly and once, and now no more.
For India, it happened many times coming up to the "German Bakery" incident. Which is clearly not good showing that the security forces are quite ignorant.

And "Sashi" I am a foreigner who was sent to India for your so called CBSE education.
I live in Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra
and I see the newspapers. All sorts of ******. You want me say stuff like, minors getting raped,
or terrorist attacks, or corruption that happened in India.

I see pathetic beggars on the streets who look like what, 4-10 yrs- old. And cows and dogs using the roads as bathrooms.

You can never stop me from having grudges against India.

And one day N-Day is going to happen.....

This comment has been removed by the author.

Rahul, the 55 subs thing is correct.
And you are an Idiot to think Japan is a enemy of China.

The world would never dare to attack the Chinese dragon.

India whether they have nukes or not they can challenge China and defeat them when the threat arises.......
Pakistan is a failed and the poorest state sorry to all my Pakisatni brothers but that is truth and TRUTH is always BITTER brothers that Pakistan will be finished in a few days...........

Taiser u r a kid just ask uncle America in Pentagon they have already planned a War and ecirclement against China, and India, Japan, South korea, Taiwan are already a part of it also a possibility of NATO member now Russia to be a part so wait for a day the END OF CHINA and freedom for TIbet, Xinajiang and Inner mongolia.......................

Taiser ur agone be the poorest state it doesnt matter from which Islamic state ur from u all will remain beggars, violent and shit eaters of Goat Go and drill some oil from earth and sell it to us as we are the FASTEST GROWING FREE MARKET ECONOMY IN THE WORLD...........AND WILL REMAIN UNLIKE U.............

Alright Rahul, you just crossed the goddamn line,

Alright you maudherchowd you want to know somethin,

first of all, your little racist comment gave me a whole new perspective on Indians, and I am NOT
muslim or from PAK you got that Rahul, I am NOT EVEN American,

Your nation will always remain the same, thanks to your pathetic, immature attitude, after all the comments I gave, all that is left for you is just attempt to insult a person who speaks the truth that you cant take. Why dont you take some pav bhaji and put it where your brain should be.

You think India is the greatest?
Your 100% wrong, and you know it deep inside your soul.

China is a great nation, the ex-leaders of the world in science,
literature and engineering. With the strict communist-gov of China
it can never fall.

If India and China ever did go to war, I would love to see your face when all hell brakes loose and nuclear warheads come raining down on your precious nation.

You think Pak is a failed state?
No it is Country that is fighting terror with every-bead of sweat, and one day it will surpass India in honor.

I hope your reading this Rahul and you better know that the beggars that pass by your middle-class eyes
are going to stay that way if you dont lose the idiotic attitude.

guys lets be professionals and stay to the discussions...
man,,,,, let me also tell u some truth..... and i would suggest that u start praying that pakistan does not fall......
firstly because india has the largest untapped terrorist resources,,,,, they just need to be supplied with direction and money and weapons....... (Muslims, sikh , maoists, nexels etc)
secondly the reason u should pray is that is pakistan falls whom do u think will be next..... taliban getting the hope that they can beat pakistan dont u think they will take the war to india and dont u think the hardliner muslims (which r more then pakistans population in india will favor them.....
have u ever wondered why india pressurizes pakistan to stop the infiltration from pakistan!!!!!
buddy pakistan is the only way out!!!! if pakistan falls the entire region falls!!!!!!
and let me tell u ,,, if the war comes into india there wont be any growth..... even pakistan lost 35 billion $ due to this,,,, will india be able to handle it!!!!!!
@ shashi ,,,
man iam also aware of the drone strikes..... firstly if pakistan airdefense can shoot down an indian UAV its not difficult to shoot down a drone(predetor).... and if PAF can shoot down soviet pilots and one pilot which rose to the rank of vice president of russia,,,, then these are not difficult.
again.... shashi my point is that pakistan has the capability but we dont have the intensions to do so.... about india, has the intensions or dont but they dont have the capability.....

Hello Dukkys

Hi! taiser

Don't think more weapons=victory!
It will based on true sacrifice,will power and mind power!!

our bharat soldiers are the No 1 : best of any other country!

No american no chines will withstand 15,000 ft in siachin glacier

american die in a day
poor chinese will die in a hour!!!

our president mr abdul kalam did a master trick in 1998 pokran.

we simply fooled the us satellites,and tested successfully atom bombs

now indians are very secret about their latest projects a killer weapon some sort of laser which will destroy missiles before touch the indian border

All the chinese weapons are old!!
say again more weapons didn't give the victory

example: 1999 aanaiyarvu attack in srilanka!!!

LTTE side : 1500 tigers
SLA ARMY side : 20,000 troops

The attack took place at elephant pass in srilanka!!!

RESults elephant pass attack 1999 : only 35 tigers killed

SLA side 1000 troops killed;they flee away;they are burned!!!

how tigers won?
3.presence of mind
4.master tricks

SLA has more advanced weapons but they failed in their ass!!!

Another one Tigers are tamils ie they are just flee india several hundreds years above

We just trained them in 1980s but some political problem will makes some break now!

So just remind it if ind vs china war in 2012

We will give them back for 1962!!!

Su -30 mki will beat their ugly mkk
Mig 29k + 29 + tejas will blow their bombers!!

Agni will rock thier citys!
Brahmos will burn them and their missile bases

NAG will destroy their tanks

if nuke used both side will suffer i agree,but we blow them anyway
that's true

our jawans will give them a blow
just 100000 jawans will take the complete chines army

naval front
our modern superb sqauds
delhi class
talwar class
rajput cruisers will rock chinese
old cup cofeeess

our bhisma tanks will flank the chinese soldiers

our laser will destroy chinese missiles

our modern brahmos-2 hypersonic will destroy chinese before they think

Results at the cost of extensive casualties india wiped out "insect eaters"china

Hi Taiser!!!!!!
I visited your Profile Buddy,,,, and that certainly confirmed one thing that u have something against INDIA for sure!!!! I dont want to indulge in any kind of argument but Buddy it was really unfortunate to read your last comment!!!!! Yes, we still face plenty of problems like Poverty, Illiteracy and Overpopulation,,, but have you ever tried and analyzed the other aspects of the country you were born in and living in currently???? We are a Growing economy with one of the highest GDP growth and have achieved that preserving our DEMOCRACY!We are continuously strengtning our dfence Powers and i bet you soon we will be one of the Leading Powers in the world!!!! Poverty stats show that the people living below poverty line have also gone down substantially! We are improving Brother,,,, and HUM HONGE KAMYAAB! We are the one's who found water on moon and gave new initation to the so called USELESS MOON Projects! INDIA is a country which has supported Dalai Lama to carry on his War for Tibet's INDEPENDENCE from it's land! And about INDIAN people's Intelligence, World knows BETTER Brother! You sit on a Computer and Write these Hatred comments against INDIA, have u ever wondered who was the one to design the INTEL chips on which around 90% of the World's computers work? Just Google it Bro!!!! and one more thing, i also read one of your comments making mockery of INDIAN democracy,,,, i was amused and amazed to read that!!!!! what more proof of INDIA'S Democracy do you need brother?? If u were in China and u would have written these kind of hatred Messages against China,,,, u would have been somewhere behind the Bars!!!! Think About it Bro and yes I AM AN INDIAN!!!!!! JAI HIND, BHARAT MATA KI JAI!!!!!

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