Thursday, February 18, 2010

RAAF's A330 MRTT on Government hit list

A PROJECT worth $2 billion to provide the RAAF with five Airbus multi-role tanker planes has been quietly added to the Government's feared "defence projects of concern" list. Despite fanfare that a $2.5 billion Collins Class submarine maintenance contract topped the list and a troubled $1.4 billion frigate upgrade was erased, junior Defence Minister Greg Combet refused to confirm European contractor Airbus Military was on the list of shame.Insiders told The Daily Telegraph the project was definitely the latest entrant but for commercial reasons the Government would not admit it.Mr Combet's spokesman refused to confirm or deny the project's status and said only that it had not been "declared" a project of concern."It is something that we are closely monitoring," the spokesman said................................The Daily Telegraph 


To Asian Defense,

Could you plz be more specific in your adds, like mentioning which gov, army etc.

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