Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Major Work Ahead On Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter "PAK FA"

By David A Fulghum, Maxim Pyadushkin and Douglas Barrie

Russia has begun flying a stealthy fifth-generation fighter to rival the U.S. F-22, but Western analysts question whether Sukhoi can develop and deliver the aircraft by 2015 as promised.Sukhoi’s T-50, which made its 47-min. first flight on Jan. 29 from the KnAAPO facility in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, is the prototype of the PAK FA “future front-line aircraft,” the first new-generation fighter for the Russian air force since the Su-27 Flanker entered service in 1984. India plans to co-fund development and co-produce the new aircraft. The aircraft is clearly shaped for stealth, with the chined forward fuselage, planform edge alignment, internal weapons bays and small vertical tails. The T-50 shows resemblances to the F-22 Raptor, but also reflects its Su-27 heritage in the wide “centroplane” that blends the fuselage and wing.

Sukhoi says “the T-50 will demonstrate unprecedented small cross section in the radar, optical and infrared range owing to composites and innovative technologies applied in the fuselage, aerodynamics of the aircraft and decreased engine signature.”U.S. analysts are impressed, but not yet panicked by the T-50. “Don’t go overboard and call it the Raptorski,” says a Washington-based official. “It is essentially a Flanker in the shape of a fifth-generation fighter at this point. It still needs supercruise engines, advanced radar and a lot more work before military planners can start saying how it’s going to compete with the F-22 or even the F-35.”............AviationWeek


At very least, PAK FA will be the Russian equivalent of the proposed Silent Eagle; at best PAK FA will challenge the American 5G benchmark, the F-22A Raptor. If T50 can shoot further, climb, turn and accelerate faster than F35 can and match the customers' need at a more affordable price, arguably it has already exceeded F35 JSF.

F35 relies only on LO and smart avionics to survive; PAK FA seems to offer far more.

1. A new engine better thanAL-41F in su-35 the new engine has a 3D TVC(Thrust vectoring control) no western fighter can even think of this or match such super manuverability which has been proven by India's su-30 MKI in red flag exercises against f-15, f-16 and eurofighter typhoon in U.K
2.A new AESA radar ZHUK-AE
3.New avionics, superb aerodynamics

and and and

4.Stealth technology was first of all introduced by soviet scintists and physicists in 1950s and Moreover by Petr Yakovlevich Ufimtsev(Пётр Я́ковлевич Уфи́мцев) born 1931 in Altai Krai is a Soviet/Russian physicist and mathematician, considered the seminal force behind modern stealth aircraft technology. In the 1960s he began developing equations for predicting the reflection of electromagnetic waves from simple two-dimensional shapes.
So, it can be said that a great degree of stealth has been provided in the aircraft as they have already spent billions of dollars in this technology in different projects su-47 and mig-41 prototypes

But I want to tell my Indian friends that we will get the Best fighter aircraft in thye world HOW??
as we are already flying the Best 4.5 generation aircraft by slightly redesigning the airframe in India and developing by French and Israeli avionics and weapons from su-27 under full TOT (TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY) to su-30 MKI which is proven by many exercises which I stated earlier.
So, by similar development in our PAKFA we can have the BEST 5TH GENERATION FIGHTER AIRCRAFT IN THE WORLD.......CHEERS.......VANDE MATRAM........

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