Friday, February 19, 2010

India unveils 5-year military buildup plan against China

Taking the concept of a two front war with Pakistan and China a step further, India has launched an ambitious military buildup plan along the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, reports Indian media. Indian response, spread over next five years, shall see raising of mountain infantry formations, building up IAF assets, deployment of anti-aircraft Akash missile batteries, besides deploying ballistic missiles capable of striking deep inside the Chinese hinterland.

Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by China as its territory, is witnessing enhanced Indian force levels where two specialized mountain infantry divisions and an artillery brigade are being raised and stationed by 2012. In addition two Sukhoi 30MKI squadrons have been placed each at Tezpur and Chabua in Assam.

Guarding these assets are eight Akash air defence squadrons which shall be deployed in Arunachal Pradesh by 2015; the first one becoming operational by 2011. India is also planning to extend its missile coverage of China by deploying 3500 KM Agni-III and the under development 5000 KM Agni-V as soon as possible; Agni III reaching operational status by 2011-2012.

According to analysts Indian force goals now envision a hostile posture against China in the backdrop of a disputed 4057 KM long LAC; without thinning out deployment against Pakistan. To this end, its military budget has undergone a massive rise.According to Military Balance 2012, compiled by Institute of Strategic studies, India has boosted defence spending by 21% in 2009, making it one of the leading military spenders in the world.



Ch1na is expanding its reach and might without disclosing its true intention. An arm race between the two emerging BRIC nations seems inevitable.

Good news for arm manufacturers around the world and bad one for poor indians.

China's repeatedly said its military build up/modernization's consistent with its GDP growth. The growth of the PLAN is to protect its maritime assets (cargo/trade ships from africa) which I think is fairly obvious.

An arms race between two BRIC countries is not inevitable, but if the two happen to have a history of relatively bad blood, and have territorial disputes then an arms race is likely.

India at the moment is using China as an excuse/reason to buy and develop (albeit not always successfully) weapons and is not yet an arms race.
The majority of India is still a third world country, they're not stupid enough to get into an expensive arms race with a country who is currently far superior in economics and military (the latter of course can be disputed, but I think if you have to do an India vs China comparison it'd be very prudent to put the People's Republic on top).

@Eric Z

The majority of weapons that PLA invests in these days are of offensive, not defensive, capability. Naturally, that makes neighbors worried.

You do realize what 'arm race' and 'third world' mean (characterized and defined), don't you? 'Third World' is actually a Cold War political term for countries that remained non-aligned with either capitalism and NATO or communism and the USSR.

Don't view military development of large countries with the narrow perspective of an arms race only. India is one of the $1+ trillion economies (there are only 12-14 economies larger than 1 trillion dollars)

As the economies of India and china grow, military capacity addition and military spending actually boosts the economy by creating jobs and improving capabilities of local industry.

In India's case, with the projected $50 Billion worth of defense purchaces by the government in the next 5 years, has the world's leading arms manufacturers lining up joint ventures with Indian companies for local manufacture of defense goods.

These JVs are then being used to use India as a base for international exports, as we see with the Agusta westland AW-119 JV with the TATA group. This chopper will not only compete for the Indian light helicopter tender, but will also be exported worldwide from India.

Military spending is being used by India to build up its local arms industry, and further bring in investments and joint ventures into India.

Very shrewd.

Yeah, thats real great divine!!!

maybe "TATA" can help remove India's poverty infested population.

And maybe your little Aw-119 helicopter can help India defeat the Chinese dragon.

Honestly divine, the way I see it, the PRESS in India are really makin alot crap go around.

In my opinion, India is self-suffucient in Arms, but not self- sufficient enough to go to war with China. Also, I don't understand why the Indian Army is
so worried about China. They(China) are just a little uneasy because of the 1962 thing really spoiled relations between the two countries.
But now, both sides have one thing in common "nukes", China knows that if it wages war with India, it will start a nuclear holocaust, and India knows that just the same.

But all this military build up will just make tensions soar between the two countries, and the communists are going to more trigger happy than ever....


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China does have a history of using aggression to settle border disputes: E.g. 1962 (Sino-Indian) & 1979 (Sino-Vietnamese).

The recent development that some PLA officers suggest using China's economic might to 'punish' the USA (as out-of-line as Pentagon asking White House to fluctuate import/export in order to hurt China) suggests that future Chinese aggression is at least 'likely.'

Again, Asian Defence

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