Sunday, August 16, 2009

Israel to equip its Tanks with New Anti-Missile System

The Israeli army will begin equipping its tanks with a new anti-missile system, following stinging losses as a result of missiles fired by Hezbollah militants in the 2006 Lebanon war, officials said.

The Trophy system uses radar to track incoming missiles and fires a projectile to explode the missiles before they reach their target, a military official said.

Tests of the system were successful and it will be installed on the latest generation Merkava IV tanks.

According the private television station Channel 10, the system is expensive, costing about $350,000 dollars (245,000 euros) per unit.

Israel has been searching for a new defense against missiles after Hezbollah militants during the Second Lebanon War scored a number of damaging strikes against the Merkavas, considered one of the strongest tanks in the world.

Israel media have reported that of 25 modern guided missiles fired by Hezbollah militants, a quarter penetrated the tank's formidable armor and caused death or injuries among crew members.


Excellent development.

$350,000 is a bargain compared to getting immobilized/written off by RPG/AT in the heat of a battle.

Hope that Trophy will be cleared for export in distant future.

...and [US] Pentagon still insists that APS technology is "immature"?,7340,L-3758478,00.html

Israeli surely knows how to learn from previous mistakes (eg the recently CAS-infantry coupling).

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