Sunday, August 16, 2009

Power on wheels, Mahindra Marksman

The Mahindra Marksman is is an up-armoured light bullet-proof vehicle with seven crew firing ports and it can carry six people including driver. Mahindra’s Marksman can carry 600kgs of payload and uses a 2.5L CRDE engine giving it a top speed of 100kmph. Mahindra Marksman Armoured Vehicle is equipped with power steering, disc brakes, Four wheel drive system which is good match for Indian terrain. This Vehicle’s bullet proof body design can withstand firing by self-loading rifles of up to 7.62 mm. Marksman can carry a machine gun on top with 270º traverse and protection. Rear view has camera and a TV screen for the driver and co driver to see the dead zone behind the vehicle.



Gross Vehicle Weight : 3200Kg
Payload : 600Kg
Un-laden Weight : 2600Kg

Seating Capacity : 6 [2 (driver, co–driver) + 4(rear)]

Seven crew firing ports


Engine : 2.49 Litres, CRDE BS-3
Max Gross Power : 77 kW (105bhp)@3800rpm
Max Torque : 228 Nm@1800-2200rpm

Transmission : NGT 530R

Type : 5 forward, 1 Reverse
Drive : 4WD
Axle Ratio : 4.55

Steering - Power Steering


Front : Disc & Calliper
Rear : Drum type


Independent front suspension, Rear-
Rigid Leaf Spring alongwith shock absorber

Wheel & Tyres

Wheels : Tube Type Highway and Run flat system available as optional
Tyres : 7.50X16

Dimensions (mm)

Length : 4390
Width : 1863
Height : 2030 (un-laden)
Wheel Base : 2375
Ground clearance : 240

Turning circle radius : 5.8 m

Speed on Road : 100 Km/hr

Ballistic Protection

Sides: can withstand three direct hits of 7.62 X 51mm NATO Ball M80, 7.62 X 39mm Ball PS and 5.56 X 45mm Ball M 193 at a distance of 10m at 90º angle attack.

Top: can withstand three direct hits of above ammunition at a distance of 10m at 45º angle attack.

Floor: protection against two DM 51(German norm) hand grenades detonated under the vehicle simultaneously.

Additional protection: All joints and welding have overlap. The rear stowage boxes provide protection to crew when using the rear door.


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