Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boeing postpones canted tails for F-15 Silent Eagle

 By Stephen Trimble

Boeing has eliminated the distinctive canted tails from the early prototype and production configuration of the proposed stealthy Silent Eagle version of the F-15.The F-15SE flight-test prototype will incorporate radar absorbent materials and the conformal fuel tanks modified into weapons bays, says Mark Bass, Boeing F-15 programme vice-president.............FlightGlobal


Iran is rumored to having troubles with canted tails on its Saegeh, which is based on a single tailed F-5E.

Rumors claim stability problems hindering operational use of wingtip armed AIM-9 missiles.

Yes, canted tail would involve major rear fuselage structural and flight control revision. How much would it actually improve RCS? Unknown.

If Boeing were to build a canted-tail F15, they might as well build a new jet (like Sukhoi does with PAK FA).

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