Thursday, February 4, 2010

IAI Unveils Plans to Convert used Boeing 767-200s into Tanker-Transports

By Stephen Trimble

Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) aircraft conversion specialist Bedek has unveiled plans to launch a new tanker-transport for the global market based on used Boeing 767-200s.Bedek had launched the 767 multi-mission tanker transport (MMTT) programme even before the Israeli government announced plans in November to acquire such an aircraft, an IAI executive says at the Singapore Airshow............Flight Global


A330 MRTT vs 767 MMTT.

767 tanker makes sense for the Israeli to haul a small fleet (n<20) over long distant but not for countries that need to refuel a large fleet (n>20) and STAY ON ORBIT if need over long distant. Moreover, IDF uses aerial tanker mainly on unusual circumstances (oversea deployment, exercise & long-range strike) vs USAF to use it on a regular basis; airframe wear n' tear wouldn't be as severe over the tanker's lifespan than for USAF tanker's lifespan.

Just saying/an observation.

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