Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Iran Unveiled Three New Satellites and a Satellite Carrier

Iran on Wednesday unveiled three new satellites and a satellite carrier, a year after it placed its first domestic research satellite into orbit. The three satellites — Tolou, Mesbah 2 and Navid — are telecommunication satellites and have been designed and produced domestically.
Mesbah 2 is a low-orbit communications satellite, which will be eased in orbit 400 to 1600 miles above the earth. Simorgh, which weighs 87 tons, is equipped to carry a 220-pound satellite 310 miles into orbit. On February 3, 2009, Iran placed a research satellite, Omid, into orbit, which carried experimental satellite control devices, communications equipment and power supply systems to a distance of 250 to 350 kilometers above the earth's atmosphere. ..................PressTv


Good going Iran!

The way they are making things on their own is simply outstanding.

All the best!

These are very strange comments by an Indian. India is dreaming to be a regional power with its area of influence extended from Malaysia to Egypt. A strong nuclear Iran is certainly going to be an obstacle for India in achieving that goal. India’s interest lies in keeping the regional countries weak as it has been trying to do against Pakistan. On this, the interests of India, Israel, and America seem to be converging. Indian government has wisely voted against Iran at the IAEA recently. But the Indians apparently can not see beyond Pakistan.

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