Tuesday, August 11, 2009


so whats wrong in this whole world is making arms so chinese are no exception

and any one can build 14 degree ski jump anywhere in the world

but don't know what kind of facility india has build in this regard but no pictures were shown of such facility at naval base in GOA

The Chinese are really putting their excess cash to use. This is a surefire first step to air-craft carriers. They want to challenge the US Navy in the Taiwan Straits.

China will one day recover the land occupied by India. Check this out:

So whats the deal with this? Is this actually a new installation? As far as I know, the Chinese are conducting certain aspects of carrier-operations at land-based installations for a number of years now. They also visited russian training facilities and those of Brazil.

The existence of this installation might either show that China is building a sky-jump-carrier, but at the same time it could just as well be an extension of the works on Varyag. Personally I think that China is aiming for catapult-equipped carriers in the long-term, but I might be wrong.

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