Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Egypt has requested a possible sale of six CH-47D CHINOOK Helicopters,

Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Egypt of six CH-47D CHINOOK Helicopters, 16 T55-GA-714A engines, eight AN/APR-39A(V)1 Radar Signal Detecting Sets with Mission Data Sets, eight AN/APX-117 Transponders with TS-4530 Interrogator/Transponder Test Sets, eight AN/ARC-220 (RT-1749) High Frequency Aircraft Communication Systems, flight and radar signal simulators, three M978A4 HEMTT Fuel Tanker trucks, two Fork Lift trucks and related equipment and support at an estimated cost of $308 million.


why there is need to buy 16 extra engine for 6 chinooks or probably these engine have much less life

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