Wednesday, December 9, 2009

F-22 P Frigate manufacturing from today

The manufacturing of the F-22 P Frigate for the Pakistan Navy will begin at the Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works here from today. According to ISPR statement, the ship is the fourth of the series of Frigates being manufactured in collaboration with China, under the contract of Transfer of Technology. The manufacturing of the Frigate is another milestone towards self-reliance for defence production. The new frigate would boost the country’s indigenous construction capabilities.



It is learned from reliable sources that the Chinese technology is inferior.

Ayesha, you keep your 'reliable sources' to your silly self. We are not interested in your non-sense secrets.

@ ayesha,,,,,,
maam i have seen many of ur remarks and the only thing u are saying is we are inferior ,,,,,, please post ur sources then we shall see!!!!!!

For Madam Ayesha

Pakistan is also recieving a 30 Year old Tub.. USS McInerney from USA....
its upgrade will cost 65 Million USD ...This Old Hag...or Frigate will be inspected by the AMERICANS whenever India complains of Tecnological Pakistan

well done pakistan this is really great achievement if we see the restrictiions and limited resources available to them
keep on doing hard work dont bother negative comments it will come by jelous people like Ayesha

Maam ayesha wid very due respect it is dis chinese technology wid wich the europeans especially americans r afraid of

ok now wat if we consider jus consider that its inferior

but according to my sources
chinese military introduced 50 latest weapons on its celebrations of independence:)
wat abt that maam
it cant b done if any thng is inferior not to such a great extent
i think except being biased
china is a nuclear power a nuclear power cant b inferior in its basic weaponry however exceptions r ther like INDIA
where 5 kilograms of pure uranium of high quality was nabbed recently from 4 individuals bot concerned wid that

opppsiiiii i talk to much SORRY:)P:D

Ayesha, You are right.

This is a junk frigate. Compared to their rivals brand Spankin New Delhi Class destroyers, Talwar Class Destroyers, and my Favorite Shivalik Class Frigates, This is a nonsense choice.

But Beggars can't be choosers, if you understand the Saying.

India is five times larger that Pakistan doesn't mean that it has reached the status of China which even Brazil couldn't attain.

India always try to make everything from scratch and always ends up either in making craps (like Arjun) or boasts on something made by French (Dhruv-Turbomeca, LCA-SNECMA engine) or Russians (LCA-Mig design, Arihant-Charlie class sub).

Imagine if India tried to make its own aircraft carrier, it must have been taken centuries to complete which China is about to complete by 2015.

So if India can borrow technologies from Russia and France, what is the problem with Pakistan borrowing technology from China? And the best thing is, Pakistan is not trumpeting it as their own creation.

edurazee u still dont know whos aircraft carrier china purchaced as scrap , if india is trying to build one so be it ,u can very well try n build something else , dont have to feel jelous about it what Ayesh is telling is very much true chinese tech is very much inferior comapared to russian us n other europian country, but pakistan has no option but to go for chinese make as it has no purchaicing power at present, as it only depends on aid


.Do not take India seriously..

..look busy do nothing & claim you have returned from the moon...

..Indian Navy has never come out to fight Pakistan...they claim to be a world class navy is hollow.
...The only time they came near Pakistan was in 1971..when ...OSA/Komer Missile Boats fired STYX missiles on an old pakistani frigate which had no Phlanx or CIWS (Anti Missile Defence) This ship dated back to second world war.

Indians retreated back to the mother ship ran back to the safty of their port.

Nobody saw their Air craft carrier or any of ther distroyers trying to attack Karachi.
Nor they have the courage to block or attack Karachi or any other port of Pakistan

Did the Indians just celebrate the ATTack on Karachi Port, where like a 1000 Pakis were killed from Intensive bombing campaigns from the Indians.

Pakis are too dumb to realize that 300 000 Paki soldiers were captured in 1971 and a New nation was made called Bangladesh.

Read the news paper pakis, and stop getting educated at your Madrassas. BAHAHAHAH

...East Pakistan is a sad story of intreague..Indians were able to get brothers pited Against Brothers .

..Pakistan was defeated not by India but our own brothrin..

But surely Bangladesh is formidible....Hats off to our Bangali Brothers..

As for the air strike on Karaci is concerned no problem.This happens in war.

Weaker power usually target civilians due to low morale in their ranks & in accurate bombing by your Air Force.

It is 5 times Larger than Pak Faziya no contest on that.

But I stand by my word your Aircraft Carrier and Cruisers distroyers & frigates were in safety of Indian harbour defence.

And for the situation in 2010 onward I sincearly hope that all of Indian asserts remain aroud Oressa we have develped stand of capability.

My sincere advise to IAF will be not to be around JASELMER Or Okha it will not be good for your health.

Best of my regards to peaceful Indians.
I am not joking stop thinking of War Peace is in our meutual intrest

It is learned from reliable sources that the Chinese technology is inferior. Albeit China becomes No.1 shop maker in 2009.

India made a quiestest nu submarine because it doesn't even need a reactor. India's growth therefore is organic.

"India made a quiestest nu submarine because it doesn't even need a reactor..". Complete truth is that the nu submarine was the quietest in the whole world because it had no engine. It was an empty rusty tub constructed from Russian kits by Russian technicians. Since Russians refused to offer the reactor, the submarine was air filled when floating on the ocean surface.

Men! Alone men will decide the fate of war! and not by virtue of technology at hand but with will to fight and lay lives..

Anyone who considers that ARMS matter, dont forget America's 'defeat' in vietnam, iraq and looming defeat in afghanistan. You con't claim victory and still keep sending troops and lots of $$ to save the day..

SO..with junk we take the responsibilty that even ppl like Mai Aysha continue to enjoy her meal and have continued internet service..


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