Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pakistan is working on new UAV with Chinese collaboration

Federal Minister for Defence Production Abdul Qayyum has said that Pakistan has indigenously developed drones and is working in collaboration with China on more capable UAV. He said while talking to media on the occasion of inauguration of the construction work of first F-22 P Frigate for Pakistan Navy, at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) today.


The Chinese don't have good UAVs themselves, how are they supposed to give Pakistan new UAVs ?

Like Israel don't have good UAV technologies but still they gifted Heron UAVs to India.

And how would you feel if Pakistan and China are in the process of a R&D project like they did in case of JF-17? Wouldn't it be better that purchasing Heron-like craps from Israel?

Israeli UAVs are considesed best in their class, it is a fact and no one can deny this fact

Oh I see! I didn't know that this was a law not to deny the fact!

Herons are not battle-proven at all as Predators are.

Israelis could not avoid their humiliating failure in their war with a semi-military force in Lebanon after using all their claimed world-class and best UAVs. They are only good in making fools out of Indians to milk billions of dollars while selling their junk.

..Pakistan will produce indegenous.. Missile armed collaboration with P.R.C...

Pakistan after looking in the very advance U.S drone tecnology and mission defination of all these drones being used in Pak-Afghan sphere

Inshala in the very near future Pakistan will field two type of advance drones

Long Range Reconcence drones with multiple sensors & accomponying them will be drones armed with short and medium range missiles to attack target.Short range against target of opportunity and long range against artellery or Command and Control Nodes.

As for the technology it will be cutting edge and will be Theatre specific These drones having endurence of 30-40 hrs.

As for India ... Israil thinks it as a client state Indians who looks at the Zionist as their heroes and Israili tecnology as BENCH MARK.

Even though there may not be a single item Made In Israil in The I.D.f worth mentioning. .

Indians will pay any thing or any amount to buy Israili junk.

The biggest theft of tecnology from U.S.A is to Israil and the few drones which the Indians have bought are actually American pirated technology ( Made In Israil).

why pakistani thinks isrealiz are piece of shit ???

because we pakistaniz banged them in air war without loosing any air craft .. n they still call them selfs the best by killing innocent ppl of palestibe n lebnan

..If the Pakistanis are bankrupt & they live on handouts ..

Israil is still extracting USD 2-3 Billion blood money YEARLY from Germany 65 years after the end of Second world war

They are the biggist recipiants of U.S aid in the world..check with the Americans

MERKAVA tanks are being produced in Israil with U.S hand out money German Tank Engines are is being sent to Israil thanks to the blood money extracted from the German nation.

Israilis are opporating German Subs & begging Germany to supply them free of cost Neko Frigates

The I.D.F has 98.5 % U.S Equipment even the French Mirages Have the American J79 engines.

As for the poor Pakis or ther muslim brother the Afghans.They kicked the shit out of the Soviet in Afghanistan.the same treatment being extended to the Americans

As for the Israili U.A.v,s It is pirated American tecnology being sold to any or every body paying.. Israil... top U.S dollars.

Israil has sold and is selling F-14F-4/F-5 /CH46/CH47/C130/HAWK Sam parts to Iran for past 30 years

Madressa students remember Col Oliver North ..The scandal which shook the Regan administration from its foundation....
Bahahah ROFL ....

You pakistani are great...........

Keep on trying making fool yourself.........

On day you will succeed.........

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