Friday, January 1, 2010

India and Pakistan Exchange Lists of Nuclear Installations

India and Pakistan exchanged the lists of their nuclear installations for the 19th consecutive time under an agreement which prohibits any kind of attack on such facilities. The lists were exchanged through diplomatic channels simultaneously at New Delhi and Islamabad under the Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations and Facilities, a statement by the External Affairs Ministry said here.

Under the agreement signed on December 31, 1988, which came into force on January 27, 1991, the two countries share details of their nuclear installations with each other on the first day of every year. The pact is one of the best confidence-building measures between the two countries which has continued even when the relations witnessed chill.


do they really share such information or is it just a show being put on for cameras ?

it is very good and much needed act of hope for poor people of the south asia who need friendship and not fight among themselve
no matter how beutiful, the bloggers portrate their countries, everyone in the modern world knows what is the real quality of life in south asie india or pakistan no difference at all

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