Saturday, December 12, 2009

Indonesian Navy Orders Three Units of Maritime Patrol CN235-220

Defense Ministry puts a contract order of three units of Dirgantara Maritime Patrol CN235-220 aircraft, for Indonesian Navy, which totally covers US$ 80 million.

The signing of the contract by Dirgantara Indonesia CEO, Budi Santoso, and General Director of Indonesian Defence Facility, Marshall Eris Herryanto, takes place in Jakarta on the closing of National Workshop on Defence Industry Revitalization on 11 December 2009.

This kind of aircraft is supported with sensors of surveillance and targetting mission and also prepared for future modification according to Indonesian Navy Operational Requirement (Opreq) and Technical Specification (Techspec). The aircraft is also projected to strengthen the national fleet according to the navy operational needs to protect Indonesian ocean zone and to replace the old Nomad aircraft.

At present, Indonesian Navy has been operating Maritime Patrol NC212-200, another Dirgantara product. PTDI and Maritime Patrol Flight Center have been through analysis and other phases of the CN235-220 design in order to meet the optimal defense products. The three CN235-220s are part of the total six units ordered by Indonesian Navy in the 2010- 2014 Strategic Planning to fullfil the concept of Minimum Essential Force.


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