Monday, January 4, 2010

Indian Defence Minister to Get Roadmap for DRDO’s Restructuring Later this Month

Rajat Pandit

(DRDO)’s time and cost overruns persist or initiate the long-delayed process of transforming it into an organisation capable of delivering cutting-edge weapon systems to the armed forces.Antony will later this month get the final roadmap for DRDO’s restructuring as proposed by the P Rama Rao panel and subsequently vetted by a high-level committee led by defence secretary Pradeep Kumar.

“After several meetings, the defence secretary committee, which also had representation from Army, Navy and IAF as well as other stake-holders, will submit its recommendations to Antony before January-end. The aim is to make DRDO, which has a budget of Rs 8,481 crore this year, more effective,” said a top official.

Experts, however, say ‘mere tinkering’ will simply not do any longer. Instead, DRDO and its 51 labs need a drastic overhaul, along with a strong push for joint ventures and private sector participation to ensure India develops a robust industrial-military infrastructure. “For a country like India which has global aspirations and the third-largest standing armed forces in the world, it’s very embarrassing that over 70% of its military requirements have to be imported,” said a senior officer.

The Rama Rao report, on its part, stresses DRDO should concentrate only on 8 to 10 ‘critical technologies’ of ‘strategic importance’ instead of also venturing into making juices, mosquito repellents, titanium dental implants and the like. For this, a dozen or so of DRDO’s 51 labs should be hived off to other ministries and the rest reorganized into five basic clusters — naval systems, aero-systems, combat systems, weapon systems and electronic warfare systems.Interestingly, another key recommendation is to create a Defence Technology Commission to allow DRDO to have a greater say.


Politicians are the real obstacles in DRDO's development process, trust me on this one. They dont let the military wing spend enough money initially and then blame DRDO over time delays and performance. Military will have to take its own decisons...

SAMIQ, You are very wrong.

DRDO is actually plauged in beaurocracy where if something decent is developed, higher officals will neglect to accept it, and then 1 year after the project has been dropped, they will jump and patent it themselves.

The main reason DRDO is weak also, is because it government owned and operated.

Lockheed M, Boeng, EADS, IAI, IMI, Northtrop Grummen, GE are all privatized, and thus have free range of movement and opportunities.

In India, the babus only know how to eat Rusk "Indian Biskoot", drink Chai, and Chew Paan. Maybe somethines go to the Swiss Alps after taking a trip there to check their bank accounts.

The same is in Pakistan. If defence industries were provatized, the productivity would be maximized, and failure like DRDO, HAL, NAL would be disposed of in the neared dustbins

what i believe is that india should stop..... reinventing the wheel start reverse engineering.... spend money on new innovative weapon systems....
there is a saying "dont work hard work smart"!!!
if u have a lemon in ur hand create a lemonade not something else!!!!!

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