Sunday, January 3, 2010

India is Developing A Weapon to Destroy Enemy Satellites:DRDO

DRDO Chief V.K. Saraswat announced at the 97th Science Congress that India was developing a weapon that can destroy enemy satellites in low-earth orbit and polar orbit, denying enemy access to India's space assets.The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is building the technology blocks needed to “neutralise” hostile satellites in low earth and polar orbits, according to V.K. Saraswat, DRDO Director-General and Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister.

These blocks are the kill vehicle that will bring down the adversarial satellites, long-range radars, communication systems, laser-based systems and imaging infra-red seekers which will give a complete picture of the satellite. They will be generated as part of the DRDO’s Ballistic Missile Defence Programme, which will reach “maturity in totality” in 2014, Dr. Saraswat said. He was addressing a press conference here on Sunday.


this news will start another race of weapons in the region i feel sorry for south asians this money should be used to uplift poor indians miilions living on streets and selling their body parts commiting suicides what a pitty what a waste of money

I also feel very bad, that this money is being spent on Weapons.

The Indians should follow the Pakistanis across the border, and prostitute themselves for chump change.

The Indians should uplift the poor, just like the Pakistanis, who sell their cocaroach citizens for beggar bowl change, just so the Predator drones can have a little target practice.

Damn Indians, they can learn alot from the from the Pakistanis, who have written discrimiation in their Constitution, about Womens rights, and rape laws.
Ex: If a women gets raped, she needs 5 witnesses?

These damn Indians will never learn from the Paki sucesses

Millions of indians are living in dire ,barely surviving conditions
and yet these politicians don't give shit about them.Billions of the nations precious money are being spent on weapons and other useless ego projects .Who wants to invade or go to war with India?What do they gain by occupying India?All prior wars are started by India, including the one with China.The delusion of power is overpowering
the misery of the masses.

Tat satellite killer weapon is not against pakistan its for china as they too have tat kind of weapon. We dont need such kind of weapon for pakistan as they cant even build satellites as well as rockets.........

If we can send a probe on moon and become first in the world to find water on its surface we can also build killer weapons to make us more safe an advanced.

@Sam, Their wont be arms race in south asia, as Pakistani missiles are advance then Indian, other dont have any missile plans.

China, dont want India to have such type of weapons systems, in first place.

As far as poverty in India is concern, Economic development will take care of this aspect, data available has already shown, that poverty is reduce due to economic development. Unlike China and Pakistan, India has working Parliament, where the GOI has to answer questions relating to Union Budget in open discussion.

This report has pissed off China and Pakistan most.

It is very important for india to develop this kind of technology because it is the matter of security of our nation. Although there are millions of people living under poverty it is also important to give security to the people living in that country.

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