Saturday, August 8, 2009

Details of a new proposed deal between the Pakistan Army and Qatar Government

The federal cabinet in its last week meeting presided over by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was said to have been given the secret details of a new proposed deal between the Pakistan Army and Qatar Government for deputation of unknown number of soldiers with the Qatar Amiri Guard.This new deal between Qatar and Pakistan — to be inked soon after getting the required nod from the cabinet — would be effective for five years, and may be renewed, as and when both the parties agree. But this agreement can also be terminated on a six-month notice from any of the two parties — Pakistan and Qatar.Under this new deal, the Pakistani soldiers would be required to wear the uniform of Qatar Army as their salaries and other expenditures would be paid by the host government during the period of stay for two years.The details of this agreement were placed before the cabinet in its meeting on Wednesday by Secretary Ministry of Defence Lt Gen (retd) Syed Athar Ali.


The cabinet was requested to allow the Defence Ministry to start negotiations for the deal to be inked soon between the two countries. The cabinet was informed that the purpose of this agreement was to enhance and strengthen the existing bilateral relationship through defence cooperation between the two countries. DG ISPR Major General Athar said he would be required to consult the concerned branch before making any comment on this development.According to the details placed before the cabinet, the Government of Pakistan will provide specialized officers, technicians and other military personnel to work for Qatar Amiri Guard in various military domains such as equipment, arms maintenance and ammunition.The officers to be sent there would be selected by the GHQ according to the ranks, profession, qualifications and physical fitness required by the Qatar government. The Qatar government would also have the right to conduct a medical examination of deputationists within a month from the date of arrival in Qatar.


The soldiers would be deputed there for a period of two years and may be extended by one year at the request of Qatar government and with the approval of GHQ. The deputations would be subject to the rules, and orders applicable in the Amiri Guard with regards to the rank hierarchy, military orders and discipline. The deputationists shall carry out the orders and instructions issued by the commander of the Amiri Guard or his deputy or their immediate commanders in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.The Qatar government will pay salaries to the deputationist as per the salary scale of the Amiri Guard and the deputationists’ salary will start with the basic salary of their ranks and from the date of deputation. These salaries and allowances would not be subject to any kind of taxes applicable in the Qatar, and Pakistani soldiers would have the right to transfer their complete salary to their country.


The deputationist would also be provided with furnished accommodation, with free water and electricity in accordance with the regulation as applicable to the Amiri Guard. The families of the officers would also be allowed to stay with the deputed officer with similar facilities. But the officers would be allowed to bring their families only after staying three months in the Guard.Qatar government would have the right to terminate the services of deputationist if the later commits any action that violates the laws and regulations applicable in the state of Qatar and accordingly necessitate termination of his deputation. This will be done after conducting an investigation attended by head of Pakistani military mission of defence adviser of Pakistan at Doha. Qatar would also have the right to terminate the contract of any deputationist even before expiry of the deputation period.


Hurray, Pakistan now has a credible export material! Will it export elemnts from the ISI also, along with certain vital assets from Taliban and Al Queida. Well lets wait and find out.i do hope the friendly Qatari people do get their money worth !

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