Monday, February 1, 2010

India is likely to Take Delivery of K-152 Nerpa by June 2010

India is likely to take delivery of a Russian nuclear-powered submarine, K-152 Nerpa, on a 10-year lease by June this year.The Akula-II class submarine, which India has sought for long, was inducted into the Russian Navy last December after delayed sea trials due to a mishap on board in 2008.India hopes to train its personnel on board the Russian submarine, to be rechristened INS Chakra, as its expects to operate an indigenously developed nuclear-powered vessel.

It had last July launched nuclear-powered INS Arihant, which is at present under construction in Visakhapatnam and is expected to join the fleet in about two years."The Nerpa is expected to join the Indian Navy by June.It could be inducted in April or May. But, yes, certainly by June," Navy sources said here today.



India earlier got N Sub for lease and it is returned to russia , now we are going to get K-152 single no only , another one india doesn't have interest to purchase it .so only one is confirmed .

Are there any limits on the use of this ‘leased’ submarine by India? For example, if India uses it to attack another country’s ships or submarines, who will be responsible for that aggression? Russia too? Even worse, if another country destroys or damages this leased submarine, will Russia be in fight with that country? I think, this transfer of a dangerous and offensive platform is certainly a negative factor. It can prove a detrimental factor not only for the regional but also the global peace.

George how many times it has been told you that stop giving ur unprofessional comments here...
This Akula is to train Indian naval personnels to work on Indian nuclear submarines which are on the same Akula-II platform of Russia. India is getting 6 indigenous nuke submarines in another 8-10 years being build in vishakapatnam naval ship building yard 1 is already launched and will be ready for being commisioned in 2 years.

Given the track record of Indian success in indigenous programs, six nuke submarines produced in 8-10 years seems to be overly optimistic. The only submarine floated was reportedly without a reactor fitted in it.

What india has rented from Russia is a Nuclear Sub already damaged in a fire incedent .
India has Inducted the K-152 Akula II a Nuclear attack submarine .It is not a diesel electric Sub. to fight a conventional war. Its only use is to fire a nuclear tipped missile.The other use it can remain on station for prolonged periods of time as a second strike option .
For Pakistan this is a food for thought .Looking at the quality of the Indian navy and the pathetic state of its fighting arms and the lack of a credible (NUCLEAR) dilivery system And also looking at the diminishing state of Russian Armament Industry Russia can and may have provided as a stopgap second strike option, nuclear tipped Missiles with the K-152 AKULA as a credible deterence against China & Pakistan.

China and Pakistan should take up this issue with the Russians as such an act can lead to a tragic
distruction of which mankind may not have seen in World History.

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