Thursday, December 3, 2009

IAF grounds all Sukhoi jets after Jaisalmer crash

Two days after a Sukhoi fighter jet crashed, the second this year, the Indian Air Force has grounded its entire fleet of 100 SU-30 aircraft. "Following the crash at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan on Monday, the IAF has stopped flying all its Sukhoi planes and is conducting precautionary checks on each of the aircraft," an IAF official said here today.

A Sukhoi fighter jet had crashed during a routine training sortie south-west of Pokharan firing ranges. The two pilots, Wing Commander Srivastava and Flight Lieutenant Arora had bailed out to safety.  The previous Sukhoi crash took place on April 30 this year near Jaisalmer, killing Wing Commander P S Narah and leaving Wing Commander S V Munje injured. The two Sukhoi crashes this year are among the 13 air crashes the IAF suffered in the last 11 months.

The Sukhoi mishaps have come as a setback to the 12 year safety record IAF had achieved with the aircraft which was inducted into the force in 1996. IAF currently has five operational Sukhoi squadrons. It aims to have at least 280 Sukhoi air superiority fighters in its fleet.


The information provided in this news is either intentionally tempered or ill sourced.

Su-30MKI deal was finalized in 2000 and the first aircraft was induced in 2002.

Source :

So how can it possibly possess 12 years of safety record in Indian Air Force while being only 6 years in service?

Surely the news-source has taken the evaluation and negotiation time into consideration to give a feeling of a lengthier time.

India signed a US$1.462 billion deal with the Sukhoi Corporation on 30 November 1996 for the delivery of 50 Su-30 aircraft.

These aircraft were to be delivered in five batches. The first batch were 8 Su-30MKs , the basic version of Su-30. The second batch were to be 10 Su-30Ks with French and Israeli avionics. The third batch were to be 10 Su-30MKIs featuring canard foreplanes. The fourth batch of 12 Su 30MKIs and final batch of 10 Su-30MKIs aircraft all were to have the AL-31FP turbofans. In 2000, another agreement was signed allowing the license production of 140 Su-30MKIs in HAL in India.

first batch of Su-30MKs was first acquired in 1996.

so u can see 12 12 years of safety record in Indian Air Force of Su-30MK

The aforementioned comments are valueless unless they are cited with source link.

I have quoted from BBC.

What is your source of news?

"India signed a US$1.462 billion deal with the Sukhoi Corporation on 30 November 1996"

It should take at least 1 year to build 10 Su-30MKI s. No?

So Indian Air Force is flying with Su-30MKI right from date of the deal?!?!

How can it be possibly happen?

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