Monday, February 1, 2010

India to Host Four-day Naval Wargame, Milan-2010

India will host the largest four-day naval wargame, Milan-2010, involving 12 nations in the Asia Pacific region from Thursday, in which means to counter terror threats to coastal and island territories would be debated keeping in mind the attacks in Mumbai. “There would be a discussion (during Milan-2010) on maritime terror and the means to counter the attacks like what happened in Mumbai,” Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Foreign Cooperation and Intelligence), Rear Admiral Sudharshan Shrikhande told reporters here on Monday. .............Hindu


indian navy useless navy,in spite of the so called hi tech it could not catch the terrorists from coming in india.

Useless? How did u know that?Terrorists r the major threart now a days for the Whole world. So according to u all millitary forces r useless? think again buddy

Anyways we are not like americans to let terrorists allow fly our planes and hit our buildings.

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