Monday, February 1, 2010

Indian Navy to induct Mig-29K fighter jets on Feb 19

The Indian Navy will induct on Feb 19 the first four Russian-made Mig-29K combat jets for deployment on the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov."The aircraft will be formally inducted Feb 19," a senior Indian Navy official told. The fighters are operating offshore Goa in the absence of aircraft carrier Gorshkov, which is to be commissioned as INS Vikramaditya. The combat jets had arrived in the country in knocked down condition last year Dec 4.

"The jets have been assembled and the Russian pilots are flying them. It is a standard procedure. Very soon Indian Navy pilots will take over from them," the official added. The jets were purchased by the Indian Navy as part of a $1.5 billion deal signed with Russia in January 2004 for Admiral Gorshkov. Of this, $740 million was meant for the aircraft and the balance for refitting the carrier. The Russians have now upped the price to between $2.2 billion and $2.9 billion and negotiations are currently under way. ................India Times


I can not understand this big expense at the cost of poor people, most of them living on the streets. yes evry country got right to strenthen its defence but i dont think india need to spend such big amount unlesse they are thinking to go into war with China.

Most of them living on
Ever vsited India?

I can understand your anguish when India gets strong.

People living in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Ever read it?

naeem the same hold true for pakistan,so i agree with venu about glass houses.


you are right, most people in India live in slums. They are not allowed on the streets by the elitist government as to not pollute your middle class eyes. What India needs are best-bang-for-the-buck weapons for defense until her economy is top 5 in the world, not getting a fancy toy like an AC when she can't even make it to top 10 let alone the fact that 90% of her population is still so poor.

O Mike wat the crap u are talking about u just hate India and jealous of it's development. We are the fastest growing market economy of the world and its wrong that our 90% population is poor yes there are many poors but we are eliminating poverty at a very fast rate.
The day is comin mike when we will rule the world economy and will be ahead of ur nation and plz. stop posting ur jealous and crap here......

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