Monday, February 1, 2010

USA Proposes $1.2 billion to Train and Equip Pakistani Security Forces

US President Barack Obama on Monday proposed $1.2 billion in funding next year to help train and equip Pakistani security forces to fight Taliban militants.Created by the US Congress last year, the Pakistan Counter-insurgency Capability Fund set aside some $700 million in 2009 to train and equip the Pakistan Army and other security forces.The war spending proposed by Obama is only slightly less than in each of the last two years of the administration of President George Bush and carries considerable political perilfor the Democratic president, who took office in 2009.

Obama announced in December he was adding 30,000 more US troops to the Afghan war effort to join the 68,000 already fighting the Taliban. To pay for this surge, Obama on Monday asked for an additional $33 billion in the fiscal 2010, on top of about $130 billion that the Congress has already approved for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars through Sept 30, 2010.


That is a very sensible and positive thinking from US President and US officials. The war against Taliban cannot be won without the help of Pakistan army though some months ago Pak army was not willing to take part in this war against Taliban unless the Taliban militants start suicide bombing in Pakistan itself and make it Pakistan’s own war as its army chief said yesterday so I think its an opportunity for the world to utilize this new mind set of Pakistan eliminates the militants from the region for ever and for good.
Especially Afghanistan and Pakistan are so interconnected that though they are two different countries but in practical they are one country geographically and historically. There is no visa or international border between them. We cannot deal problems in one country without the help of other as you know the bombing and killings in Pakistan cannot be stopped unless their is peace in Afghanistan and vice versa.

I don’t really understand what training kind of training will be given to Pakistani forces. Apparently, they (Pakistanis) are doing much better than their counterparts (ISAF) across the Durand Line. Their lightening offensives in the heart of militancy prone areas in FATA have impressed many observers. It makes more sense if Pakistani forces could train the foreign troops fighting in Afghanistan. What Pakistanis need the most is better equipment to effectively enhance their fighting capabilities.

lol, george you are right. if anything pakistan has proven that is, we don't need training but may be americans need some training from us. we're not really asking for any equipment either but if anything you wana give, just give the equipment.

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